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hought. Kitty then realizes that she needs to go home. All of them need to go home. How is she going to get out of her lease? Does no one think about these things but me? Sheesh. Then Nora and Sarah make her promise to let them have a proper birthday party for Evan because his was pathetic. Kitty looks offended, but Sarah and Nora persevere anyway. Strangely Kitty doesn't decide to stay in D.C.

Scotty and Kevin are drinking coffee in their jammies when Olivia finds them. She asks Scotty to help her iron her outfit for the party. Wow, life in the foster care system really has robbed her of her childhood. What kid talks about ironing? Only kids raised in "the system." Someone should start a Congressional hearing. Peter King, maybe? He's not busy. Kevin points out that the ironing board is one of the major support beams in Gecko Town, but while Kevin and Scotty were drinking their teeny tiny cups of coffee, Olivia dismantled the whole thing. They take a moment to pat themselves on the back for their excellent parenting intuition. Then Scotty goes to help iron. IRON. Come on, that is so not realistic.

Sarah is back in her kitchen and Paige is recounting all the different sandwiches she ate while her mom was gone. Sandwiches do fill the emptiness inside quite nicely. She and Luc wink at each other about the lack of eggs in the house. Sarah pulls the boutonniere out of the trash and wonders why Paige didn't compost it. Is she committing very slow suicide by refusing to help the environment and letting the earth heat up very slowly? In a concerned voice, she asks Paige if she's okay about the whole getting stood up thing. Paige says she got over it because Luc is way hotter than Cody and she is not working up a heck of an inappropriate crush on her step dad. Again. Then Paige invites Luc to the Father-Daughter Dance. Awwwwwwwww... inappropriate.

At Walker Manor, Nora is prepping for Evan's new and improved birthday party and Justin is loitering around waiting and looking blue. Not Smurflike, but sad. Sad smurf? He asks Nora how she manages to take care of everyone and not freak out like he does in his really bad nightmare that is not PTSD. Nora reminds him of something he said that he learned in NA about letting people go and letting them win or fail on their own. Justin smiles and kisses her as if that made any sense at all.

Evan's birthday is, of course, at the poorly named restaurant, which for some reason the Walkers in their infinite wisdom have decided is far superior to a day of laser tag and movies. Nora demands frosting assistance, Evan tries to remember his estranged relatives, and Olivia is getting hazed and meeting her aunts and uncles and cousins. Kitty promises to tell Kevin about her health problems later. Paige gives Olivia school advice. There are cupcakes, pi├▒atas, and a lot of awwwwws as the next generation of Walkers gets acquainted. Please god don't let there be a spin off.

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