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Flash Forward
cca and the baby.

Kitty is talking to the comatose Senator about cleaning windows, because nothing will force a man to snap out of a coma like domestic chores. Why not just stick a remote control in his hand and see if that works instead, eh? Kitty is clipping her vegetative husband's fingernails and then kisses him on his head and leaves him to go to an appointment.

Sarah and her BANGS are getting sauced in the kitchen with a bottle of champagne and begs Luc to get her drunk before she has to see her family. Luc joins her in a cuppa and toasts her $55 million land sale. He applauds her for never giving up on the land, persevering, and ensuring her family's financial future. With that kind of money, Kevin will never need to shave again! Sarah then toasts Luc and his enormous package protruding proudly over downtown L.A. Then they talk about Paris for a while because Luc as a scarcely employed artist who was living in the countryside when they met NATURALLY has a Paris apartment in the Marais. Shut up, television. Sarah and her BANGS want to move there right away, that very night! Forget Justin! And her children! Luc won't take her with those BANGS, though. Sarah then asks Luc to pull the plug on her if she ever goes comatose. He can't promise her that, but he can promise to cut those goddamn BANGS off her head if she even so much as nods off for a minute.

Over at Walker Manor, Kitty stops by to drop off Evan (who has magically grown into a three-year old) and looks surprised to see Justin. She forces Evan to hug the strange man and then she breaks down into tears. Justin hugs her and tries to talk about the accident, but Kitty changes the subject. Justin asks her something about The Senator, and she changes the subject again. He asks whether Kitty was maybe able to convince Rebecca that he is brave and loyal and she shouldn't be pissed at him, but, um, Kitty's had a lot on her plate this year and probably didn't have time to convince Justin's wife not to leave him. Justin shrugs that he's been trying to prepare himself to let go, because, you know, sometimes you just have to let people go (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). Kitty glares at him and then calls him out: The Senator could come out of it. Justin says he won't. Kitty rightly points out that Justin is NOT a doctor despite playing one, like, all the time. Justin ignores this and firmly states that The Senator needs to be unplugged. Kitty glares at him harder and asks why is The Senator fighting, then? Justin calmly replies that he's not, she is. I guess all the enemy fire, bomb detonating stuff has really prepared Justin for the casual Walker family conversation.

Kevin is facing down a contract the size of two phonebooks in Sarah's dining room. Kevin flips to the good part: $55 million. Sarah is happy to be able to divide that up between all the Walkers and Holly, I guess. Kevin swears that she doesn't have to give him any money, but can you imagine if she didn't? Although I guess people don't usually share their salaries and bonuses with their siblings, Ojai was always a family business and since Sarah ran it into the ground (with more than a little help from Tommy's larceny and Ryan's spilling of the Magical Wine) she feels obligated to share. She points out that Kitty will need money for The Senator's care, that Kevin will be able to do more pro bono work, and she and Luc and, if absolutely necessary, the children can move to Paris. Kevin raises an eyebrow and Sarah shrugs that there is nothing keeping her there. Except maybe her ex-husband's visitation rights.

Nora and Saul are sniffing cantaloupe at the farmers' market. Saul is yelling at her about the ripeness of cantaloupes and then she is yelling at him for not answering the phone call from the guy he likes. Then they yell at each other about being defined by his HIV positive status and then Nora reminds him that life is fragile. He does not bean her with an un-ripe cantaloupe.

Scotty is folding napkins at his restaurant when Kevin comes in. Scotty thinks it is weird that Nora hasn't called him five times to ask about the menu or anything, but since she snuck in to set the table and create a centerpiece, it's probably all good. Kevin recounts his day at work, complete with the kid's question about whether or not he has kids. Scotty glances up at Kevin and asks if he wants to talk about their miscarriages. Their TWO miscarriages. What the fuck, show? Can't you play nicely with others? Kevin vehemently doesn't want to talk about it. Scotty rightly explains that it was just a biological issue, but Kevin seems convinced that it was Michelle's fault somehow. Scotty shakes his head sadly and says that Kevin needs to get over that if they are going to try again. Kevin looks so sad when he tells Scotty that he has lost too much this year. His best friend is in a coma. He doesn't want to try again. Sad emoticon face.

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