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Kevin kisses Scotty awake and then demands a birthday kiss. Before Scotty can make Kevin a birthday brunch, Kevin is off and running. Literally. He is jogging his blues away. Under the circumstances that almost adds insult to injury. Literally. Like maybe Kevin should go volunteer at the Paralympics or bring Aaron unwanted soup everyday for a week. But, jogging? That's practically rude. Scotty asks if Kevin is okay what with everything that happened last week. Kevin holds back from snarling, but barely and manages to growl that he doesn't want to adjudicate it again. Besides, whenever he feels like he has been through a lot, he remembers Aaron and then feels guilty and then goes jogging and then feels guilty. Vicious circle! Scotty hops out of bed to help Kevin with his carbo-loading and Kevin asks if they can call Michelle yet. They are anxiously awaiting the blood test results to find out whether or not she is pregnant. And before you ask, they answer: Peeing on a stick is not an option, so shut it, snarkers. I like to feel that line was directed at me. Kevin's phone rings and he ignores Nora's call. He wants her to leave him alone and that means definitely not going to a birthday party at her house. Scotty backs away nervously as Kevin obviously has some serious anger that he will undoubtedly be working out all episode. Both literally and emotionally.

Sarah sends the kids off to school and after so long it's nice to see that they haven't gone down in a blaze of glory or gone up in an industrial accident. I mean, will you look at Paige? She has grown a foot since we saw her last. Now don't get me wrong, I do not miss watching a surly tween Paige sassing her mother and Cooper...well Cooper doesn't do much of anything now does he? But, the kids have been MIA for a long time, even missing Justin and Rebecca's wedding banquet and I was starting to think that Joe had used the fact that Sarah was now living with a strange younger Frenchman (an artist even!) to get full custody of the kids. So she gets them off into Mrs. Fowler's carpool and then she and Luc give Mrs. Fowler something to talk about by pressing certain body parts against the glass before the kids are even seatbelted in. But Sarah won't let herself get swept away (just a light rumpling for now) because Holly and Saul have called a meeting, probably about Narrow Lake. As she grabs her keys to head off to the corporate world, she notices a stack of boxes. Luc explains that he is packing and this sends Sarah into a spiral of doubt and distress because Luc is leaving in two weeks! And she has to go to a meeting! Luc smiles reassuringly that his visa will be renewed. Again. And this time maybe no super conservative political action committees are paying attention and won't start playing politics with his immigration status. Fingers crossed! Sarah's phone rings and she, too, ignores Nora's phone call. She smiles at Luc and promises that like Jenna Elfman, she will keep the faith.

Sadly, Nora totally knows her children are ignoring her phone calls. Tommy pretends that maybe it's not true, but obviously it is. Nora is running around the kitchen making lists and thinking up recipes and Tommy tries to nicely point out that maybe she should hold off on cooking until Kevin actually agrees to come to his own birthday party. But Nora won't hear it. She is making squab and she is stuffing it and goddamn it everyone is coming, including Kevin. Since when does a stuffed squab make a good bribe? Pretty sure chocolate and wine are much more effective. Tommy invites her to the Narrow Lake meeting, but Nora has to cook cook cook, which looks just like this.

At Ojai, Tommy, who does not work at the company and in fact was forced to leave Ojai under a cloud of shame and criminal charges, sits in the conference room like it's totally natural for him to be there. He shoots the breeze with Sarah and Rebecca, the latter of whom admits that she and Justin have been dodging Nora's calls, too. They try to decide who will be breaking the news to Nora that Kevin is not coming and she will be eating stuffed squab at an empty dining room for weeks to come, like if Miss Haversham were a foodie, or how I assume Ruth Reichl lives everyday. Just as Sarah and Tommy are pinning Rebecca's arm behind her back and giving her noogies to try and convince her to call Nora, Saul and Holly interrupt the family fun. This meeting is not about Narrow Lake. They have a brief old timey melodrama to act out! Saul puts on a big moustache and a black cape and Holly puts a pink bow in her hair and a frilly white pinafore. And scene:

Saul: The bank is calling in Ojai's loan! Today! At High Noon!

Holly: You can't call in our loan! We'll be bankrupt! We can't pay the rent! We can't pay the bills! Dennis York will be able to buy the company at pennies on the dollar!

Off Stage: Dennis York laughs: Bwah ha hah ha!

Saul: We have no choice! Times are tough! The money is due today!

Sarah: We will get a bridge loan! We'll be fine!

Holly: I've already tried! Oh woe is me! Whatever will become of me! I'll never be able to afford that Monique Lhuillier wedding gown now! We must sell to Dennis York! We have no choice!

Off Stage: Dennis York laughs: Bwah ha hah ha!

Sarah and Saul and Tommy form a chorus: We can't pay the rent! We can't pay the bills! Oh woe is us!

Rebecca: I'll pay the rent! With the two million dollars I gave you last week!

Sarah: Two million dollars! We're saved!

Saul: With two million dollars your business will be safe!

Holly: Oh no! I can't take my daughter's money! I want her to get a good return on her investment!


Holly: Oh no, my daughter! You shan't! You can't! I won't let you!

Rebecca storms off stage as Tommy and Sarah glare at Holly.

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Brothers and Sisters




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