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In downtown LA, Sarah is in an elevator sporting her hangover sunglasses, last night's mussed hair, and a very rumpled dress. Her elevator ride of shame pauses long enough to open the doors revealing Nora looking very much the worse for wear with incredibly smudgy eyeliner, holding her heels in one hand, and rubbing her forehead with the other. Sarah is scandalized when she realizes Nora spent the night. WITH THE ARCHITECT. (Has erector set, will travel?) One flight down and the elevator door opens again, this time revealing a disheveled Rebecca with rose petals in her hair and a look of horror on her face. Not exactly the time you want to run into the Walkers, you know? Nora snorts, "Justin still asleep?" Rebecca, who was apparently a girl scout, honestly answers, "I don't know where Justin is." Um, Rebecca? Although honesty is a great policy and all, if there ever was a time to lie, it would be now. Don't insinuate to your boyfriend's family that you cheated on him. Especially when that family is the Walkers and they will be IMing the news all over Pasadena in no time. Nora's jaw drops as she processes that thought. Man, that hotel is like the Haunted House of my nightmares. Every floor a Walker.

Rewind to 48 hours earlier. Oh it's one of those shows, eh? Where they hand you the gold medal of bad decision-making and then make you watch the events that lead up to it. It's like a reverse after-school special starring the Walker women. Nora is positively embarrassing herself and practically spooning Roger the Architect over his decision to put in dual-flush toilets in the Nora McDonald House. Saul stands back and lets her go at it--just rubbing his chin and chuckling to himself over his gushing sister. Their giggly crushfest is cut short when Nora remembers she has to pick up Paige. Roger kisses her on the cheek and takes his reclaimed wood samples and leaves. Whoa hitting first base in front of the older brother? Risky move, my man. Saul immediately turns to Nora and asks when they fell in lust and Nora denies denies denies. Saul does a naughty little head shake and laughs at her some more.

Sarah, Kyle, and Glasses Guy (who doesn't wear his glasses anymore, so maybe today's the day I bother to learn his name) carry their posterboards and dioramas through a parking garage. They have just left the magical tech conference and Sarah is feeling glum. She let the team down because when their biggest potential investor referred to Twitter, she didn't know what he was talking about. The boys claim they covered for her, but Sarah knows that no tech investor in their right mind would invest in a Web 2.0 company headed by a CEO who doesn't know about Twitter. And she would have a point except that in Walkerlandia, there is no way this ridiculous website is not going to get funded. Sarah complains that she is going to have to live in her car because she took out a second mortgage, but the boys reassure that the big cheese investor is coming to their launch party tomorrow and they can show her how to tweet all about it by then. Sarah knows that the launch party has to be "off the hook" or else all will fail. Nice use of the 90s vernacular there old lady. The boys exchange a look of cultural generational distress. Then Sarah makes another gaffe over the DJ for the party and the boys start to look nervous. Serves you right for hiring a senior citizen, Mutt and Jeff. Sarah's phone rings and she pulls out her StarTac, pulls up the antenna, and hits "accept." I know, I know, you were expecting a tin can with string, but she's not thatold. She is expecting Rebecca, but it's Paige. StarTacs don't have caller ID, I guess. Sarah tells her that grandma is going to buy her a dress for the party and she can pick out whatever she wants for $40 bucks or less. Geez Sarah, maybe back in olden times $40 bucks got you a party dress, but in modern times in newfangled Los Angeles you got to throw down at least a c-note.

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Brothers and Sisters




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