Brothers and Sisters

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Cute Dad outlines the architectural plans for his new house in the sandbox at the park. Naturally Kitty is sitting next to him nodding along to every room and design plan. Her phone rings and it's Sarah. She wants to know if Kitty has heard from Julia, but she hasn't. Sarah listens to the background noise and with a keen ear trained from years of listening to her husband at the playground and flirting with all the housewives, she knows exactly what Kitty is up to. Kitty quickly hangs up on her omniscient sister and turns back to her sandbox real estate seminar. Cute Dad explains that he really likes the house, but he's not sure it's "the one." You know, like in dating. Kitty gets uncomfortable with the conversation because she doesn't believe that universal alignment and property values go hand in hand. Besides, her phone is ringing again. This time it's Nora. She is trying not to panic, but it is her standing play date (I think in grown up talk that's called babysitting) with Elizabeth and she hasn't heard from Julia. Kitty tries to reassure her, but ends up just telling Nora what she wants to hear, namely: Go to Julia's house uninvited and see what's going on. Nora is thrilled at the suggestion. As Kitty hangs up, Cute Dad (who needs a new name because his subtle yet aggressive flirting with married women is getting on my last nerve) bemoans the loss of his home as it was trampled under the feet of a cavalcade of children, most of whom had jam hands and the aura of Pig Pen. In Kitty's mind that settles it, she will just have to see the house in person. They make plans to go to the open house this afternoon and to scare off all prospective buyers. Um...whee? Kitty's phone rings again and she sighs and grouchily answers The Senator's call. His conference call ended early and he wanted to see what she's up to. He's heading back to work soon and really wants to take advantage of their time together. Kitty tries to put him off because she has lots of errands, but eventually caves. But, no, he cannot come to the park. She'll pick him up and they can go to the pier. She sighingly (why is that not a word, spell-check? It perfectly describes Kitty's mopey (really? Not a word either? Go to Hell, Microsoft Word) speaking manner) tells her friend that she can't make it to the open house today, but maybe tomorrow? He agrees despite the fact that their six-year old chaperone will be in school. They make a date. Blush that they called it a date. And then the screen goes wonky. Do you think it's because I put my foot through it?

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Brothers and Sisters




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