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At The Senator's swank pad, Kitty and Kevin make dueling Bluetooth phone calls. Kevin begs her to make her crib orders at a lower volume, but Kitty reminds him that it's her house and she can inquire about cherry versus maple finishes at any old volume she wants. She can also sit right next to him while he calls other Senators. This is how our government works? No wonder nothing gets done! President-elect Obama should have included that change in his platform, too. The Senator happily reports that his kids are coming for Thanksgiving. Kevin knows Nora will be thrilled at that prospect. The mention of Nora causes furtive glances between The Senator and Nora. Turns out Kitty and The Senator are having Thanksgiving with his side of the family this year. Kevin is wide-eyed in horror that the Brothers & Sisters scheduling is so wacked as to give us a Thanksgiving episode two weeks past the point. I want Walker Christmas! Not leftover turkey. Kevin isn't freaked out on behalf of Nora, but rather because he is planning on spending Thanksgiving with Scotty and their friends in Palm Springs. They both admit that neither of them has told Nora yet and they start to get nervous. The Senator tries to calm their nerves by reminding them that there are about 72 other Walkers and Nora isn't going to be alone on the holiday. They decide to call Justin. I guess Kitty is never going to find out if they have the cherry finish in stock.

Justin is vacuuming Rebecca's apartment and doesn't bother stopping when he answers the phone. Rebecca can afford a Dyson? Impressive. Kitty and Kevin ask if Justin is planning on going to Thanksgiving. Justin grimaces and Rebecca starts gesticulating wildly and telling him not to let them pressure him. As if! Justin toughens up and admits that he is spending Thanksgiving with Rebecca and Holly at the winery and that's that. There is a very annoying vibe coming off Rebecca in this scene. Like a high maintenance slightly bitchy and demanding girlfriend named Evil Rebecca. Me no likey. Evil Rebecca and Justin annoyingly high five when he makes his big pronouncement. Kevin and Kitty argue about husbands trumping girlfriends (and they sort of have a point especially when said girlfriend is the daughter of your family's arch enemy), but Justin holds firm until Kevin asks if Justin's actually told Nora yet. He hasn't.

Tommy and Julia are packing for their holiday with Julia's family (anyone else see that coming? I know! Totally surprising!) Julia's mom is laid up and they are going to take care of her. Julia is also kind of worried about Elizabeth because she's been really cranky and may have had a fever last night. The phone rings as she goes to check on Elizabeth. It's Kevin, Kitty, and Justin. What did the Walkers do before the dawn of conference calling? I imagine a mess of tin cans and a sailor's knot of strings. Kitty, Justin, and Kevin announce that they aren't going to Thanksgiving and Tommy almost caves in and contemplates staying with Nora. When Julia figures out what is going down she grabs her backbone from the closet (where she keeps it for emergencies) and the phone from Tommy's hands. "Listen up, Walkers," she starts and Kitty and Justin raise their eyebrows. Julia rails that in all the years she's been married to Tommy they've never gone to her parents' house for Thanksgiving. They are going. So all the Walkers need to man up and go talk to Nora. She hands the phone back to Tommy who is thunderstruck that his wife called out the bitches. I don't think Julia has ever had so many lines in a single episode. Someone's been sleeping with the writers! The Walkers agree to go talk to Nora...then they remember Sarah.

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