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Cut to the kitchen in Walker Manor. Sarah is proclaiming that all her siblings are dead to her. Her kids are with Joe, Saul is with grandma, and she is depressed and her neighbor flew to Texas leaving her with a geriatric cat. She's not going to do it! She is not having Thanksgiving alone with Nora! Justin tries to convince her that she should put a positive spin on it for her siblings' sake. She should just pretend that it's a big fun girls' night in! Sarah tells him to suck it and walks out. The rest of the Walkers draw straws to see who has to break the news to Nora. Kitty gets the short straw and throws a mini hissy fit that obviously harkens back to childhood trauma. Justin opts to run after Sarah and Kevin and Tommy make a break for it, too. They all hurriedly herd back into the kitchen when Nora pulls up the driveway and emerges from her car with armloads of Thanksgiving groceries. No one offers to help her carry them in, but she has no one to blame but her own poor parenting for that. Besides it's too hard to move when you are buried in guilt. As Nora rambles about all her groceries and her thirty-pound bird the kids sink lower and lower in their seats. Nora finally notices that something is wrong (despite that they are all in her house for no apparent reason) and Kitty breaks the news that they are all going out of town. Except Sarah. With a little nudging Sarah recites the girls' night story and how glorious it will be to be two single girls alone with a thirty-pound bird. Nora snarkily asks if Sarah lost a bet or something and then asks her not patronize her with all the girl talk malarkey. When Sarah tries to help with the groceries, Nora huffily flips her the bird and tells her to stuff it. It is Thanksgiving after all!

In a classic parental nightmare, Elizabeth goes from being cranky to vomiting blood. As they rush to the ER, I can't help but think that not only is this awful for parents to watch, it is awfully horrible for us hypochondriacs, too. My train of thought goes something like this: "I should never have given the subway driver the finger for not opening the doors for me. Man, I am cranky today. I must have kidney failure!" See how easy that is? No thank you, writers, no thank you. In the hospital waiting room, the doctor gives Tommy and Julia an update. Elizabeth's liver function tests show that her liver is failing. Since Elizabeth was delivered prematurely she was given a lot of drugs and anyone of them could have caused liver damage. As Tommy and Julia try not to vomit and faint at the thought of their daughter's liver failing, the doctor reassures them that pediatric liver transplants are extremely successful. They just take a slice of liver off their parent's liver, serve it with fava beans and a nice chianti, and it grows back. They are going to test both of them to see who is a match. At Julia's insistence Tommy admits that Elizabeth isn't his biological daughter, but one of his brothers is. The doctor tells him to find out which one so they don't run into delays later. I know this was a big deal for Tommy, but I really don't get it. Besides, your daughter's life is at stake, who the fuck cares which brother donated his DNA? Maybe I'll go back and read Joe R's recaps to try and recapture the drama.

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Brothers and Sisters




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