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Who's Your Daddy?

Kevin and Scotty are just back from a run. It's nice to see that Scotty is well on the road to recovering from whatever ailment it was that kept him on the couch for five episodes. As Kevin and Scotty tease each other, Kevin's phone rings. It's Tommy and he doesn't want to answer it, but Scotty mocks him into it. Kevin's face falls as Tommy talks. At Walker Manor, Nora and Justin squabble over the Thanksgiving groceries that Nora is still unpacking. Wow it takes two days to unpack? She really over shops. Nora wants Justin to take some of the food to Holly's so it doesn't go to waste, but Justin points out the psychological cooties that go along with her offer and Nora desists. When Tommy calls, he tries to get Justin well away from Nora before breaking the news to him about Elizabeth. It doesn't work out very well since Justin blurts, "Why are you in the hospital?" He cringes as Nora perks up and grabs the phone out of Justin's hands. Tommy claims nothing is wrong, but after Nora's badgering he gives in and tells her that Elizabeth is having some tests done. He doesn't want Nora at the hospital, but nothing short of a metal suit and an oversized super magnet would stop her. Justin apologizes to Tommy as he and Nora head out the door.

Tommy meets Kevin, Justin and Nora and explains that Elizabeth doesn't need a transplant yet, but they want to be prepared just in case. Since neither Tommy nor Julia is a blood type match, they need to test Justin and Kevin. Nora doesn't get it. She's Type O like Elizabeth, can't she donate? Tommy appreciates the offer, but he doesn't want his baby to have crusty old Walker liver. He wants her to have nice young cirrhosis free liver. While that is probably hard to come by in the Walkers, liver transplants generally work out better with the parent. Justin uncomfortably admits that's he's Type O. Kevin is Type O, too. So they still need to know whether Kevin or Justin won the baby-making lottery. Everyone looks uncomfortable. Probably because thinking about your brother's or son's sperm is just about the awkwardest and grossest thing ever.

Kevin and Justin nervously knock on the door of where the testing is going to be done. They are both extremely antsy and speaking in these weirdly breathless tones about finding out who is Elizabeth's bio-dad. Justin is pretty sure Tommy wants it to be him. Kevin is pretty sure Justin is delusional. They banter back and forth in typical funny Walker fashion until the nurse calls them up. They both tell her not to rush the results. I am glad that they put that in, because while I know that they are happy to be able to help their little niece, they must be scared out of their gourds too. Not that I know how one is scared out of one's gourd, but it's Thanksgiving. There are a lot of gourds around. Gourds are in season.

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Brothers and Sisters




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