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Who's Your Daddy?

Kitty, Sarah, and Nora wait in the, er... waiting room for news. Nora bemoans the fact that she has an older and less desirable liver. Kitty then makes the conversation about her, as she is wont to do. She doesn't like Sarah's use of the word "father" when talking about Justin and Kevin because it is insensitive to the fertility-challenged. Sarah apologizes and Kitty admits that she has nature/nurture issues. Nora begs them to stop arguing and hopes that they can be sensitive about Tommy. He has always viewed his infertility as a personal failure. And why do all the Walkers have fertility issues? Did Ojai use some questionable chemicals on their crops? Nora stops talking about Tommy's blanks when he comes in, which was considerate of her. Tommy tells them at that all they can do right now is wait, so they may as well go home and rest.

Evil Girlfriend Rebecca has stopped by the hospital to see Justin. She seems uncomfortable with Justin's boys potentially having seen a little test tube action. Justin isn't bothered by it. Elizabeth is Tommy's daughter and he is not going to think or do anything to get in the way of that. Isn't that big of him? Rebecca explains that she wasn't raised by her father and she is always wondering about him. Okay, Evil Rebecca, hold it right there. Elizabeth has a father. His name is Tommy. She also has an uncle who loves her and loves his brother. Some day when Elizabeth is old enough and has some questions, she might be told about the magical gift of sperm donation and she will be completely grossed out and beg to never be told about any of this again. There will be no questioning of who her father is and wondering what he is like. Justin is unimpressed with Evil Rebecca's arguments, but she persists. She hopes he knows he can't let Elizabeth's paternity out of the bottle and put it back in. Justin shrugs and hopes that Elizabeth will get better on her own.

The Senator is at home with his entire extended family when Kitty calls. Kitty doesn't want his kids to worry about their little step-cousin, but admits she feels weird. The paternity issue is pushing buttons in her. The Senator apologizes for the fact that he can't come and join her, but she's not trying to make him feel guilty. As she walks the halls of the hospital, it looks like she is stalking Trish again because of all the "button pushing." That would be quintessentially awesome Krazy Kitty.

At Walker Manor, Nora is gutting a pumpkin and berating Saul for cutting his trip short when they don't know anything. Saul ignores her because their mother was ignoring him and he might as well be there to support his sister and nephew. As Nora grumbles about the pumpkin, Saul laughingly reminds her about the existence of canned pumpkin filling. Nora is convinced that if she cooks a giant meal everyone will come eat it and forgive her for selfishly wishing they were all together for the holiday. She feels guilty and useless right now. Saul kindly comforts her. Nora is so upset that she lifts up a pot lid, picks up the salt, and then puts the salt down without pouring any out and they have to edit in the sound of salt shaking.

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Brothers and Sisters




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