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Who's Your Daddy?

Gourmet chef Scotty critiques the hospital food and Kevin jokes that he should go easy on the meal because it could be his last. Scotty does not think that is funny and neither do I. If Kevin died this show would have no humor. Theoretically that would make my job easier, but I would still miss him. Tommy stumbles into the waiting room and announces to the room at large that Elizabeth needs a transplant. Justin asks if Tommy is okay, but Tommy more or less ignores the question. He blurts that Kevin is the father and he needs to get prepped for surgery. Kevin almost gags on his food. And not because it tastes bad. Strangely, Justin congratulates Kevin and then realizes it was a dumb thing to say. Tommy glowers as he tells Kevin to pass out the cigars later because he needs to get to the lab now. Kevin jumps up and follows Tommy, leaving Scotty and Justin behind. Justin asks Scotty if he's okay, but he's not. Neither is Justin. You know, even though I think the "who's your daddy" storyline is sort of ridiculous and exaggerated, the episode is really well done. It's so nerve-wracking on so many levels. As a family member you want to be able to help, but who wants to have liver surgery? You can't say no, but you really don't want to say yes. It's thought provoking but not hitting you in the head with a cast-iron skillet thought provoking. More like tickling you with a feather duster of curiosity.

Rebecca and Justin play Go Fish in the waiting room, while Nora does a crossword. Justin is extremely testy and manages to tick off both Rebecca (I think it's Nice Rebecca) and Nora. Justin just wants to stay and make sure everything goes okay. Scotty is headed home to get a few things for Kevin, but Nora insists on going for him. When Nora asks Justin to go with her, he snaps that all he wants is a bag of chips. Because that and a new liver will make everything better! Nora calls him on his mood and he admits that he is both disappointed and relieved. He doesn't know what he is feeling, but he feels awful for Elizabeth. Nora has a strange expression on her face: half "can you believe this guy?" and half sorrowful. I'm not sure what Stella Adler would make of that face. Rebecca counters Nora's overact with absolutely no expression on her face and her arms crossed. What is with her today?

The Walkers settle Kevin into his room. Nora brings in his suitcase and Sarah has a crate of plants in a box that had an "Ojai Food" sticker taped on it by the props department. As Nora unpacks, Scotty snaps at her for bringing the wrong pajamas (ah yes, the big problem with gay marriage: look-a-like wardrobes), but Kevin swears he loves Scotty's pajamas. I guess everyone is edgy. Sarah orders Chinese with extra shrimp since Kevin is allergic but can't eat before the surgery. The Walkers all talk and laugh and fill the air with distractions from Kevin's surgery. No one notices Tommy acting all "other ish" and lurking outside and eavesdropping on his own family. When Nora and Scotty start telling Kevin how brave he is, Tommy steps into the room. Everyone tries to include him, but Tommy is not interested. Instead he skewers Nora for getting what she wants and finally having the whole family together. Nora's face falls and she looks aghast. Sarah defends Nora, but Tommy doesn't care. This is not a Walker family get together and they need to stop acting like it's a party. Everyone protests and points out the lack of balloons and clowns and pony rides, but Tommy walks out leaving them to their party. What's up Tommy? I know your daughter is extremely ill, but your brother is stepping in to save her. I know you wish it was you, but is now a really good time to start exorcising your inner demons. Also? Santa is watching.

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