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Who's Your Daddy?

Tommy goes to join the missing Julia in Elizabeth's hospital room. Julia is leaning over the hospital bed and stroking Elizabeth's hair. Tommy really looks like ass, but Julia looks fine. Kind of glowy, actually. Tommy collapses on a chair and stares at his daughter. He hopes this surgery works and Julia knows it has to. As Tommy breaks down in tears, Julia comes over to comfort him. I don't think I ever realized Balthazar Getty was such a good actor. He's usually so wooden and stone-faced, but he made me tear up and I'm kind of bitchy. Oh god, am I in liver failure?

Kevin wakes up in the middle of the night and starts signing the stack of papers the hospital has left for him. As if the hospital would give you a gown, let alone a bed and a private room before you sign papers. What is this Denmark? In this country we do payment up front, writers. It's in the Constitution. I'll hold on while you go check. Scotty was sleeping on the uncomfortable fold out couch next to Kevin, but when Kevin starts signing he gets up, too. Kevin is being cavalier about it all and Scotty can't handle it. When Kevin starts joking about ending up on life support and Nora never being willing to pull the plug on him, Scotty begs him to stop. He is scared. Kevin admits that he is too. Kevin assures him that it's going to be okay. They fall asleep in each others' arms on the tiny little hospital bed. Damn you Proposition 8 how can you rob people of the ability to snuggle with their loved ones before surgeries?

Rebecca wakes up early. She slept at Holly's house for some reason and while she caffeinates, she and Holly talk about her crazy dreams. Holly thinks that the paternity issues are pushing Rebecca's buttons. Rebecca suggests calling David and Holly sort of raises an eyebrow. Rebecca sighs that he's her dad. But Holly doesn't encourage such activity. Rebecca can't believe how cynical Holly is about David. He left because Rebecca still wanted to be a Walker. Now she's dating the guy she thought was her brother and wants to know her dad. Holly just knows that whatever the cause was before, David would have found another reason to go and would only let Rebecca down. Holly knows that this whole dad thing opened up a lot of wounds, but David is not the man to fix it.

Julia and Tommy sob as Elizabeth gets wheeled away for surgery. While I know screaming children don't make good television (SuperNanny notwithstanding), Elizabeth hasn't let out a peep this whole time and if there is any time you expect a baby to be hysterical it's when she is being wheeled away from her parents by strangers in weird clothes and masks. Oh dear, I'm tearing up again. Will you come visit me in the hospital? The rest of the Walkers all wait outside Kevin's door. I guess they are still smarting from Tommy's tongue lashing because why else would they be ignoring their itty bitty granddaughter and niece and her parents who are undoubtedly freaking out way more than Kevin. He's a grown up for crying out loud. He can handle! They all cheer as Kevin is wheeled down the hallway. He is on some sort of drug and giggles about having his chest shaved and looking like Michael Phelps. Delusional = good drugs. Scotty sticks his headphones in his ears and promises to be the first face he'll see when he wakes up. Nora sweetly hugs Scotty as they watch Kevin get wheeled away. Aw, she's a good mother in law. Well, to Scotty anyway. I bet Julia could really use a hug, too.

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Brothers and Sisters




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