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During the surgery, Tommy sits outside alone on a bench. Kitty tracks him down with a cup of coffee. He amusingly asks Kitty to trade coffee with him because he knows Julia made her bring him decaf. Kitty hands over the good stuff while he explains that he just had to get out of the hospital room. She begs him to talk to her about his feelings, because she understands. He mumbles that he doubts it and Kitty launches into it. She knows that he is angry because Kevin can father a child but he can't. He is angry because he can't give Elizabeth what she needs most, but Kevin can. And that deep down he resents him for it. And he is sick of the grudge he has against Kevin and misses his brother. Then Kitty (being Kitty after all) brings it back to her. She talks about how much she wanted to be pregnant and how unfair it is that Trish gets to go sleep around and get knocked up without trying. She is angry about it all, but mostly she is calling Trish a big old 'ho who doesn't understand or appreciate the blessing she has received. Ugh! I get enough of this drivel on Private Practice. As Kitty peters out, Tommy smiles that maybe Kitty does understand his issues after all. Julia runs up to them: Elizabeth is out of surgery and she and Kevin are in recovery. Tommy presses for details, but all Julia can tell them is that the surgery went well. Everyone hugs in relief.

In the hospital, poor little Elizabeth sleeps in her hospital crib covered in bandages and tubes. As Nora comes in, Tommy and Julia smile in relief that the doctors said her test results looked good and there is no sign of liver rejection yet. Everyone is so relieved and smiley. Nora can't help but ask when the last time they ate was. Neither of them can remember. She urges them to go get some food. Tommy and Julia both encourage the other to go, but Nora suggests having a nurse come and stay. They tentatively and nervously agree to it. While Julia finds a nurse, Tommy apologizes to Nora about yelling at her the other day. To her credit, Nora tells him she doesn't remember any yelling, just her son being worried sick about his daughter. It's sweet. Everyone really looks so much lighter and happier today. I know that Sally Field is a phenomenal actress, but I am really impressed with Balthazar Getty too. Nora drags Julia and Tommy into the hospital lounge because, surprise!, The Walkers brought Thanksgiving to the hospital! The whole family has gathered and brought the turkey and potatoes and traditional Jello salad. They pushed a bunch of tables together and no administrative clerks, scrub nurses, or security personnel are yelling at them or telling them to pack it up. It's a Thanksgiving miracle! The Senator comes to show his support and Kitty is touched that he would leave his relatives alone in their house without a chaperone. Frightening thought! The Walkers are at their laughing teasing best and it is nice to watch.

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Brothers and Sisters




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