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Who's Your Daddy?

While Kevin is lying barely conscious and on a morphine drip, Tommy tells him that he always thought it was him. Kevin thought so too. We are all relieved that it wasn't Justin though, because if Justin had surgery and then morphine, the thought of yet another Walker intervention is mindbogglingly hard to handle. Tommy wonders what their Dad would think of all this. He then takes the opportunity to apologize very sincerely about firing Kevin. He put the company first, but the company is about family. I like the apology and all, but I wish it didn't have to happen on the Thanksgiving episode. It's a bit cloying. They smile and tease each other and the long Walker feud is finally over. Maybe the Hatfields and the Mccoys just needed a sperm donating family medical drama to get over it, eh?

At the holiday table, the Walkers are on their best behavior. They laugh and tease and surreptitiously drink. Nora toasts to Elizabeth. They all have so much to give thanks for this year. Sarah toasts to Paige and Cooper and her taste of Nora-ness. Kitty offers one last toast: To Kevin who every year says the same thing when offered pie and then proceeds to eat the entire thing. This year he gave new meaning to the phrase, "Just a sliver." Kevin is wheeled in just as Kitty makes her tasteless joke and everyone is hooting. He is impressed and proud. It's the nicest most collegial Walker dinner ever.

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