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Dancing with the Walkers

Nora is sitting alone by the pool wishing she had had the wherewithal to gawk at Luc with the rest of her family. When lo and behold! Luc is standing right next to her. He couldn't sleep and because he is a walking French cliché he wanted to come look at the stars. Nora is trying to cry in peace and Luc insists on talking to her about it. He knows this has been a difficult time for her and he is so sorry if his presence is making it worse. She breaks down at that and apologizes if she was rude (If? Oh honey, you were.) Luc tells her not to worry, because he is French and the French are completely comfortable with public displays of emotion (unlike those uptight Brits). He then takes her hand and makes her dance the old lady box step. Under the stars, bien sur.

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