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Love and Marriage
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Sarah marches in to Nora's kitchen fuming about how Joe is re-marrying his first wife and taking the kids on a month-long honeymoon to Europe. Does Joe have a trust fund I don't know about? Or is he giving guitar lessons to rich old ladies again? Nora is reading a book that she doesn't bother putting down when her daughter comes over, so she misses the entire point of the story and thinks Sarah is recounting plotlines to The Bold and The Beautiful or something. Sarah snorts derisively and Nora snaps to attention and starts reciting platitudes about change being like the wind from the self-help book she is reading. She is trying to get over Tommy one Zen koan at a time. Sarah asks if the book is helping and Nora admits that it isn't, before suddenly realizing that Sarah's story involves her grandchildren being gone for a month. She focuses and demands to know why Joe gets the kids for so long. Sarah dourly explains that she has to give her permission, but she is more upset that Joe wrote a hit jingle and can now afford a month-long honeymoon with the kids. When Justin teases her about liking the ad Joe wrote, Sarah zings him about getting dumped. Nora puts a stop to their sibling banter and Sarah schleps back to work reminding them both about the upcoming "unity party" at Ojai-ai-ai. I guess the unity theme rules out Pin the Tail on the Holly and burning Sarah in effigy. Nora chokes a little and bites her lip and Sarah knows she is planning on skipping the corporate-ordered fun. Justin wants out too, but Sarah swats him down. Nora won't go because she just can't pretend that life without Tommy is a life worth living. But Nora: free wine!

Over at Ojai-ai-ai, a uniformed Ryan Lafferty tracks down Rebecca in her corner office. His hair is all flat and parted like he wanted to have a new semi-professional yet still greasy enough to be hip hairstyle that matched his new career path. He wants to know why Rebecca has been avoiding him since the big chicken dinner he made her. She denies it all, but when he apologizes for shooting his mouth off at dinner, she heartily agrees that he shouldn't have said that he was always going to vote with Holly in order to hurt the Walkers. He apologizes for that and tries to brush it off as merely the stress of coming to work at the company of the man he blames for his mother's death. He then offers to stop telling her everything and to get a shrink, which is probably the best idea I've heard in a long time. But we all knew he was smart. Did he mention that he got straight As at Berkeley? Rebecca smiles finally and seems to forgive him and he asks if she wants to go to the Ojai party with him tomorrow. She says sure, because they are roommates, and then seems confused when he asks if Justin would be okay with it. She shrugs that Justin won't care. Rebecca is sooooo dim-witted sometimes. Does she really think that Ryan just wants to be friends? I mean friends always make candlelit dinners for each other, right? Right? Sigh.

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Brothers and Sisters




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