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Lo, How A Cheese E'er Blooming

Previously on B&S: Justin got called up again; William's parcel of land bailed the family out of the trouble that William's parcel of land seems to have gotten them into in the first place...don't ask, doesn't matter; Kitty asked McCallister for an inappropriate favor re: Justin, and then he offered her a job.

As we fade up on the Whedon household, whimsical flutes and sleigh bells on the soundtrack signal us that it's The Christma-sode. Not sure you get it? Behold, I bring tidings of great holiday-ep cliché, including 1) Cooper bellowing "The First Noel" in typically tuneless fashion, and 2) Joe attempting to untangle a giant ball of Christmas lights. Did the TV writers of years past really pan so much comedy gold in the bollixed-up-Christmas-lights stream that we all have to keep going back to it? Loop 'em around your elbow, tie 'em at three and six o'clock, and hang 'em on a nail. Enough already with that gag. Sarah lets herself and the kids into the house, and the volume of "The First Noel" gets ratcheted up a notch as Sarah shouts over Cooper that he's been singing it the whole way home. "Great," Joe eye-rolls, and Sarah's like, you think it's bad now, sit through it another ten minutes. After a brief appearance by the "Batman smells" version of "Jingle Bells," we cut to...

...later, and Joe asking about a Christmas-tree ornament Paige made at school; it's a blue Jewish star, which Paige reports matter-of-factly while also noting that her friend's ornament has a Buddha on it. Her parents are like, okay then, and Sarah asks if Paige remembered to leave her new insulin kit at school; Paige says yes, then asks whether it's true that Jewishness passes down through the maternal line. (Where did she hear this? Her friend "Mackenzie Brillstein." Hee.) Sarah confirms this, and Paige jumps all over it, pointing out that Nora is Jewish, which means Sarah's Jewish, which means she herself is Jewish, so why don't they celebrate Hanukkah? Spreading peanut butter on celery, Sarah's like, that's a very...good...question, while looking at Joe all, "A little help here?" He's like, "All you, dude," and Sarah doesn't have a ready answer, but says Nora never taught them about Hanukkah. Paige asks if Nora taught them about Christmas, then, and Sarah half-shrugs no, not really; they had it every year, though. As Sarah hands her a PB&C, Paige announces that, if they're Jewish, they should "have Hanukkah like Mackenzie and Duncan and Moises." Snerk. Paige crunches her celery.

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