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To celebrate Luc's new permanent resident status, Sarah is painting her house in red, white, and blue. Unfortunately, all the sanding and paint fumes have forced her and her family into their own immigrant status, seeking refuge at Walker Manor. Oh the patriotic irony. No doubt Lady Liberty is snorting to herself over this one. Anyway. Sarah is moving into the Manor for a few days while the paint dries and she has brought Luc and Cooper and Cooper's videogames with her. She immediately apologizes to her mother and to all mothers out there who are putting on their Mom Jeans of Judgment over the fact that Cooper is playing a videogame. She swears it is just because he has gone completely crazy and it is the only thing that keeps him occupied and DON'T YOU JUDGE ME, URBANBABY HARPIES! Nora clucks in disappointment as she stows her organic cereal in the cupboard. She asks about progress on Narrow Lake and Cooper, who is not yet playing videogames or dosed up on Ritalin and thus in full interactive mode, picks up a corkscrew and drills into a bell pepper frantically. Sarah hopes the geological surveyors find something soon because they can't afford to keep paying them. Nora is certain that with a little faith they will find something valuable at Narrow Lake. Yes, Nora, and if you believe in fairies just clap your hands and everything will be a-okay at the family business. Cooper is doing his best Tasmanian devil interpretation and Luc tries to quiet him down so Sarah and Nora can talk, but the devil child pretends he can't understand Luc's accent. BURN THE DEVIL CHILD! Sarah snaps at him that he is being rude, but Luc isn't satisfied by this chiding, so Sarah gives Cooper a time out. Cooper protests and Nora helpfully agrees that time outs don't work past age 5. Sarah thinks he's hungry and Luc thinks he's being a brat and Nora just silently shakes her head in judgment. Bet Luc is dreaming about his little quiet French farmhouse about now.

Scotty and Saul are considering going into business together, but they aren't letting Kevin join in their reindeer games and he's making frowny faces. He tries to suggest that they open a wine bar, but Scotty's not interested despite the fact that his husband's and partner's family OWN A VINEYARD he doesn't even want to SERVE WINE. He's more interested in making money than waiting around for a wine license. Um...I think we are suddenly understanding why Scotty's last restaurant failed. No, wait. That place had a bar AND STILL FAILED. Scotty, liquor and wine have the biggest profit margins of anything except coffee. Shut up and serve wine! And Saul, as a freakin' finance guy: MAKE HIM. Kevin grumbles that nobody listens to Kevin but maybe they'll let him draw up contracts or something. Scotty says sure, honey, which does nothing to improve Kevin's mood. He has business to attend to anyway. Sarah wants him to look at the contracts for the Narrow Lake drilling company. See? Somebody loves him.

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Brothers and Sisters




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