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And Let Your Poor Heart Break A Little

Previously: Kitty slept with McAllister; Kevin slept with Chad, then with Scotty; Joe didn't sleep with the desperate housewife he was giving guitar lessons to (at least that we know of); and Holly slept with William, long ago, which apparently gives her credibility in Tommy's eyes when she encourages him to buy a vineyard that she says William was intending to purchase before he croaked. Would you believe that drove a wedge between Tommy and Sarah?

Wow. Once again, I pull an episode that starts with a Walker getting their sex on with their beloved. It's been a different Walker each time, so you know what that means: get ready, Kevin! Anyway, this time it's Sarah and Joe getting all hot and squirmy, though the emphasis here is on the "squirmy" because they are still having Relationship Issues that are manifesting themselves in the bedroom. I don't know what the problem is -- they lit all those candles! Turns out Joe didn't know. Didn't even bother to fake it. Cut to the Whedons in couples counseling, and you know what that means: bathroom break! Their counselor is played by Joel "Father Of Jennifer's Original Face" Grey, which immediately has me worried because any time Joel Grey shows up on a show I watch, characters I love start dying. Joe talks about not being able to, you know, arrive because his mind wanders to other things. Parenting, teaching, the usual stuff you think about when you're having sex with your wife. Sarah thinks a more likely explanation is that he's thinking about how he'd rather be sleeping with Vanessa the desperate housewife. Joe denies it, and they squabble for a bit about whether the definition of "play date" extends to the adults, and finally Joel Grey just shuts them down and schedules the next appointment. Way to earn that fee, Doc!

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Brothers and Sisters




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