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And Let Your Poor Heart Break A Little

Walker Manse. Tommy and Julia are utilizing the big family dinner to announce that they're having twins. Everybody's thrilled. Kitty says they have to start thinking of names, and Tommy says they need boy and girl names. Saul so happy he's crying, and it's seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen. Tommy asks if it's not too soon for another "William," and the record needle scratches and everyone looks to Nora for how they should react. Nora says, "Well, the world could always use another William Walker." True enough. Maybe this one won't be so defective. ["...Ouch." -- Sars]

Cut to Nora, in the kitchen, reading the family her "Dora" story. They humor her to the best of their ability.

Sarah's in therapy, alone. She echoes Joe's words from their last session and implores Joel Grey to say something to make her feel better. Joel Grey instead starts talking about the difficulties of love. The pain of love is what makes us special, makes us human. With that pain comes hope, and that's where Sarah is right now. Smack in the middle between pain and hope. And Rachel Griffiths is killing me dead here, I don't mind saying. She's just an absolute mess of sadness and frustration and despair and it's absolutely killing me. "'re human," Joel Grey concludes. "You're alive. And that's what we have. Come back tomorrow, we'll go on." Damn you and your lizard face, Joel Grey, but that seemed to work. Sarah forces out the ghost of a smile and agrees to come back tomorrow. The screen cuts to black before anybody can start dancing around and jumping into a pool, which is how I am accustomed to these episodes ending. Maybe next time.

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Brothers and Sisters




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