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And Let Your Poor Heart Break A Little

Cemetery. Tommy has taken a break from whining to his living family members about his feelings of inadequacy, choosing instead to whine to deceased family members about same. Balthazar Getty is certainly giving this is all, as Tommy tells his father's gravestone that he's having twins and that he hopes to pass down William's good fatherly qualities while staying away from his "other side." FLASHBACK! Tommy's driven out to the cabin at Ojai to bitch out William for passing him over. William says, "I had no idea you were so jealous of your sister." Wow, that is some gold-star worthy pitting-your-children-against-each-other manipulation right there. Tommy begs to know what he did wrong, and William answers with some ephemeral bullshit about having a plan for Tommy, but he won't say what it is. Then, from inside the cabin, we hear Holly call for William, saying she just opened another bottle of wine. did Tommy know about William's affairs? Did we know this? Did I actually sleep through all of Tommy's scenes this season?

Justin and Kitty are both home on a Saturday night, bitching about that very fact, and eating BLTs that are so good that Justin credits them as being the sole reason Tyler likes him again. Sure, but you're making them with toasted bread, dude. The soft suppleness of untoasted bread is the BLT's ideal companion! Kitty marvels about Justin being back together with Tyler. "You spend your whole life being forgiven and making girls forget." Justin grabs a beer out of the fridge, and off of Kitty's hairy eyeball he clarifies that it's non-alcoholic. Ahh, non-alcoholic beer. Or as I call you, "Diet Coke." Kitty manages to find a way to start complaining about the polling to someone new, but Justin saves the day by giving Kitty the mother of all talking-tos, which I'll just directly quote while the rest of me whistles and applauds: "Will you stop bitching? It was your dumbass choice to go into politics in the first place, and you spend, what, years writing about other people? But now, you're in it." Justin then manages to lose me by taking us into an extended metaphor about the war and how Team McCallister just wants the best "intel" it can get. Enter Nora, who wants her children to humor her for three seconds while she reads them something she wrote. Cue the glockenspiel of Nora Needn't Be Taken Seriously as Nora reads her story about "Dora" (ahh, Dora, we meet again, for the first time), as Kitty and Justin look on incredulously. Since it seems like Nora's only tacked on about two sentences to the story she was reading to Kevin earlier, I suppose the fact that she wrote about "freedom and a new life" is important. Nora goes off to possibly write one more sentence while Justin and Kitty try not to guffaw too loudly.

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Brothers and Sisters




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