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And Let Your Poor Heart Break A Little

Ojai. Tommy's just finished telling Holly about his little recovered-memory moment at the cemetery. She asks if Tommy really never realized it was her inside the cabin, and Tommy says he ultimately didn't want to know and so convinced himself it didn't happen. Holly explains, again, that William's plan was to acquire the winery for Tommy to run, but it was ultimately too risky a financial investment. "I told you this already," she says. "Yeah, but now I believe you," Tommy says, finally pleased that Daddy apparently believed in him.

McCallister's office. Rob offers Kitty an "I'm Sorry" flower basket complete with a copy of his very first polling data. As he points out, he was judged far more aloof than Kitty was. "I kicked your ass in aloof!" Okay, now he's making "aloof" sound like a drinking game. First person to get rid of all their cards is President, second is Vice-President, and third is Aloof. He points out the other dozen or so negative things he was called in that poll, from "callow" to "a hair candidate," but he won that election in a landslide. He concludes that "America doesn't know what it wants." There's your slogan, buddy. He says he hired Kitty so she could "cut through all the crap and tell them what I'm about," and he assures her she will never be a liability. Then they start making out and stuff.

Ojai. Tommy's just told Sarah of his intention to sell his Ojai stock and go into the wine business with Holly, and Sarah is taking it as well as you might expect, which is not at all. Tommy sits her down and explains that he needs to set out on his own and to succeed or fail on his own terms, lest he become someone who was simply handed a business by his dad. Of course, Sarah was handed the same business by the same dad, but considering how she held, and continues to hold, said business together with duct tape and twine, I don't think it speaks quite so negatively of her. Tommy spouts off about having a responsibility to himself and to his dreams, which is fine and admirable, but meanwhile we get to look at poor Sarah, whose marriage is failing and she can't seem to stop it, whose father was a philanderer who died and left her with a mistress who wanted in on the family business, and now whose brother is following said mistress out the door and leaving her with a company she has to keep afloat all on her own. Pardon me if I don't get misty about Tommy following his bliss. He assures Sarah that while he'll be cashing out his stock, he intends to continue to work at Ojai as an employee. Sarah, barely holding it together, says she can't fight Tommy or anyone anymore. He asks her if she's okay, and she says she's not. "But I don't want to talk about it." She says Tommy's crazy to go into business with Holly, but she'll watch his back, and she'll drink his wine (and how!), and if Holly fucks him over, she'll kill her. And gladly, I'd suspect. Tommy smiles and says he's counting on it. They hug it out.

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Brothers and Sisters




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