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Previously: Julia gave birth to the twins; Joe smooched Rebecca and then moved out of the house after he and Sarah had a painful talk with the kids; Robert instilled a sense of military duty in Justin; Nora asked Rebecca what happened in Chicago; Kevin crammed his foot, followed by his entire leg, followed by the legs of all the Rockettes, into his mouth on a date with Robert's brother Jason; the boy twin died; Robert proposed to Kitty, and she accepted.

Open on a cheesecake shot of a girl in a bikini; it's surfing 'n' bonding time with Tommy and Justin. As guitar music that's half bomp-chicka-wow-wow and half Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Under The Bridge" plays, Tommy tries to pick a girl for Justin. Justin points out that he's a recovering addict who's leaving for Iraq in ten days; Tommy's like, "My point," and talks about the "sympathy action" Justin could get. Justin elects not to dignify that, musing that, the last time they went surfing together, William Sr. was still alive and Kitty still lived in New York. Tommy says that "it's been a long, complicated year," and when Justin points out that, still, they've "had some good times," Tommy snorts, "Yeah, it's been a barrel of laughs." Justin asks after Julia. She's fine, Tommy lies quite obviously. Tired, but fine. Justin doesn't believe him, and stares at Tommy with his face squinched up in concern. Brotherly banter (during which Justin calls Tommy an asshat -- heh), and then they both grab their boards and charge into the sea.

Cut, awesomely, to a very snug close-up on Kitty gulping red wine, followed by an angle switch to Rebecca staring at Kitty's engagement setting and then commenting somewhat tactlessly upon its size. She apologizes to Kitty for this, but Saul tells her not to, because everyone else is staring as well: "This is the meet-the-ring dinner." Robert explains that his grandmother left it to him. Rebecca then puts the McGuffin du jour in motion by asking, "So when's the engagement party?" Nora's like, yeah, good question, and Kitty stammers that it's a really busy time, she's not comfortable...Tommy interrupts to say that she shouldn't not have a party on his and Julia's accounts, because they're barely on the sho-- er, "because they're fine with it, really," but while Kitty appreciates the sentiment, she just really really doesn't want a party. Sarah tells her she can't always take responsibility for everyone else's feelings, and I would bust on that line, because while I don't think Kitty never does that, it's not really what we've seen from her either -- it's a more apt description of Justin, actually -- but Sarah herself seems to realize that it's not about that, that Kitty just doesn't want a party. But, Sarah adds, the rest of them do. Kitty's next excuse: a party's no good without Justin, and he's leaving in ten days. Not so fast, Nora says; she can certainly whip up a party by next weekend. Justin starts the "par-ty" chant (and high-fives Saul -- hee) and everyone else joins in, drowning out Kitty's protests. Justin does a little Charo butt-wiggle. Aw.

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Brothers and Sisters




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