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Tommy comes home to find Julia sacked out on the bed under an afghan. He apologizes for waking her; she says blearily that she "didn't mean to be" asleep. Tommy picks up the prescription bottle next to the bed and eyes it before asking how it went. Julia apologizes for not getting far on the nursery. Tommy suggests calling Nora and asking her to help out, saying she "lives for that kind of stuff," but Julia isn't comforted; her face gets even sadder as she says she's sorry, she's trying, she really is. Tommy tells her to save her energy for when the baby gets home. "I just want her room to be pretty," Julia sighs. Tommy promises that it will be. Julia begins to cry, and Tommy hugs her; over her shoulder, he looks worried. And that's...kind of it for that subplot. ...Yeah, I know. It's unclear to me whether Julia's suffering from post-partum depression, grief after her child's death, or a combination, and we never find out what's up with the pills, so I suspect that at least one scene got cut. I also suspect that, when it's scene-cuttin' time, Tommy/Julia stuff is always the first to go, and it's not that I miss it, but...that's the issue, isn't it. And you can't center an episode around the two of them in a fairly manipulative way, then shuffle that plot to the back of the deck like it's no big the very next week, because the plot point you used to get us to care about them is that an infant died. You need to follow up, there, methinks. Writers: commit to integrating these characters organically, or write them off.

What follows is a brazen attempt by the show-runners to put a cork in my process criticisms by distracting me with something shiny. Brazen, and successful, for the shiny item in question is a shirtless Rob Lowe. Damn you, Berlanti. Damn you and your dirty fighting straight to hell. The substance of the scene (...I think; my mind went to a happy bon-bons-and-bubble-bath land when I first saw it four days ago, and still hasn't entirely returned) is that Kitty realizes getting married means moving in together means moving out of Nora's house, and she gets all stressy, because when Rob Lowe is naked from the waist up and kissing your neck, the normal reaction is of course to freak out about your mom. ...Oh, wait, I'm sorry. The normal reaction is in fact to hit that. Hit that like Babe Ruth; hit that with your shoe if you have to. I'm not asking for television verité, but if I have to sit through one more scene where Kitty passes on frenching Rob goddamn Lowe in favor of pitching a hizzle about some inconsequential non-shirtless bullshit, I don't know what.

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Brothers and Sisters




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