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Anyway, Nora drops a bunch of platitudes on Tommy about how it might do Julia good to get out and spend time with family. Sarah's like, "Enough already," but before Nora can press the point, Rebecca runs in to say her mom's a yes. Sarah: "Holly's coming?" Nora: "Oh, get over it, Sarah, we've all moved on." Sarah takes this better than you might think, saying acidly that it's easy for Nora; Sarah hasn't "had the chance to hurl food at" Holly. She adds, "No offense, Rebecca." "None taken," Rebecca chirps. Sarah hisses at Nora that she shouldn't have to deal with Holly at her sister's engagement party; Nora sing-songs that, if the party means that much to Sarah, she'll make the speech. Heh. Enter Kitty to help out with the phone calls, and...what day of the week is it? Why does she look like a methadone "client"? Her boss is running for president; she's his communications director. Even if it's a weekend, these people don't take weekends; she doesn't comb her hair to go to the office? Or wear something a bit more put together than a schlumpy cardigan and a t-shirt? It's 6 PM, right? Did she just wake up?

Saul explains how the RSVP phone bank will work, and mentions the change of venue; he says it's more convenient vis-à-vis sending presents, and Kitty corrects him that gifts should go to Robert's address, because she'll "be moving out, soon." The other sibs exchange "ohhh shit" looks as Nora repeats, "You're moving out?" I don't think I see why it's such a big deal; the timing isn't good, what with Justin leaving also, but it's also about Kitty and Nora's capital-I Issyews, apparently, except we've heard zippo about those for months because they got resolved in, like, 2006. Meanwhile, Robert's children and the still-damp ink on his divorce papers? Not mentioned. At all. I love the show, but sometimes, with the selective amnesia, aiieeee. But apparently, it is a big deal, and Kitty tries to hide her anxiety with sarcasm, asking if Nora thought Robert would move in with the two of them. It's not the ridiculous idea everyone's implying it is; even if the show did remember that he has kids, that house is huge, and he's running for president so he'd hardly be there in the second place. Nora sugarily replies that she hadn't had time to think about it, since she's too busy with the "three thousand" party details that need taking care of. For a party Kitty didn't even want, the guest of honor is at pains to point out, and Nora in turn points out that Kitty didn't talk to her for three months when she didn't throw Kitty the sweet-sixteen party Kitty also said she didn't want. Kitty: The difference is that I was...sixteen. Sarah catches Tommy's eye and makes a drinky-drinky gesture, so he passes her a bottle of beer (hee) as Nora gets in a dig by shrugging that if Kitty thinks she's ready to move, well then... Snap! goes the trap: Kitty sputters that of course she's ready, why wouldn't she be ready, and Nora says faux-patiently that of course Kitty's ready, and of course Nora will miss her company, "but let's face it: you're a little old to be living with your mother." She chuckles smugly. Kitty is insulted, and whines at her to just admit that she'll miss Kitty; Nora snaps in response that she doesn't appreciate Kitty making her out as a "clingy, neurotic" mom who can't let go. Sarah observes that "it's like the Passive-Aggressive Olympics here today," and Kitty shouts at her to shut up; Sarah, unperturbed, bites into a piece of pizza and enjoys the show as Nora bitches that Kitty sprang this on her and Kitty hollers back that she's been trying to tell Nora for three days and Nora's not dealing with Justin leaving, and Nora yells at her to leave Justin out of it, and Kitty repeats that she didn't want a party and they should spend the time with Justin, "not calling eighteen thousand people," and Nora's like, fine, then leave. Fine, Kitty says, she's going to start packing. Fine! Great! Each of them storms out of a different door. A beat. Rebecca: "Wow. That was amazing." Plucky Guitar of Wry Humor: "Word."

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Brothers and Sisters




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