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Someone's In The Pantry With Keeee-viiiin

Sarah, who's wearing a fantastic mod-inspired silvery-white shift with...paillettes? on it? is that even a word?, comes into a side room to find Cooper playing hide-and-seek with Holly. She pries him away from his new playmate with the promise of brownies in the kitchen, and says she hopes Holly didn't feel obligated, but Holly says it was fun. Holly starts to leave, but Sarah makes a quick calculation, then reaches out to Holly, albeit reluctantly, asking her stiffly how actors memorize lines so quickly. Sarah adds that she has to give a speech for the happy couple, which she hasn't written yet. Holly snarks that that's "always fun," and talks a little bit about how she always dreaded weddings, having to sit at the singles table because "as far as anyone else was concerned," she was single. Strange tack to take with Sarah, of all people; it's like Holly's trying to create a bond through shared experience, but if anyone's going to sympathize with this aspect of Holly's life with William, I don't think it's Sarah. It doesn't seem to bother Sarah, though; she asks neutrally why Holly kept putting herself through it. Holly does a bit on the "magical" aspect of weddings, how getting married is incredibly naïve, but also incredibly hopeful. "Maybe you should give the speech," Sarah murmurs. Holly smiles. Sarah asks why she's "being so nice," and Holly says in a thoughtful tone that she thinks the two of them have more in common than they'd like to acknowledge. Also, she's tired of hating Sarah, and of Sarah hating her. ...She hates Sarah? Why, because Sarah hated her first? I...this interaction is odd from soup to nuts, honestly. I'm totally fine with the two of them not squabbling anymore and in fact Road-Trip Holly is something I would like to see in Season 2, but the end doesn't explain the means, quite.

Speaking of hate that could become love, it's time for The Moonlighting Memorial Fight That Leads To Frenching in the pantry. Jason comes in looking for a Band-Aid for one of his cousins, who has cut himself; Kevin, who's several sheets to the wind already, is like, no surprise there, but he's shocked half the cousins "made it to adulthood." Jason: Oh, you're so superior. Kevin: Your family is crazy...and drunk. Jason: "Really. What is that, your fourth margarita? Whyn't you just carry around a pitcher?" Zing! Kevin gives him a look that's one part "fuck off" and two parts "well played, sir," before observing that at least he's not stealing the flower arrangements. Jason informs him that guests are allowed to take flower arrangements home from a party. Kevin's like, yeah, after the party: "One of your cousins' mini-van looks like a florist's truck." Jason accuses Saul of tackling his aunt; Kevin strolls closer to him and says that's because Saul didn't want her replacing the shrimp tower with an artichoke mold. Jason's furious diction corrects Kevin: it's an artichoke "amb-rosia." Kevin's like, oh, I see. Jason asks why he's so unpleasant. "What do you care?" "I don't." Then Kevin accuses him of coming into the pantry not for a Band-Aid, but to look for Kevin. "Maybe," Jason says. Kevin gives Jason the Fight Chin. Jason gives it right back. Then they tackle each other and start smooching. Awesome! Cut to a shot outside the door as they make-out-wrestle past the doorway. Double awesome!

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Brothers and Sisters




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