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Cult of Finality

Sarah and Kitty sit on the banks of the stream and Sarah is still bitching about being the only Walker at Ojai. Kitty reminds her that Ojai was always going to be hers. Everyone knew that she was the heir apparent. Sarah snorts that it sounds pretty funny coming from a princess or whatever career path it was that Kitty envisioned for her life. Kitty sadly reminds her that her prince turned into a frog and her marriage is over. The sound of the chopper spinning up fills the air and Sarah asks her if that is what she wants. Kitty shrugs and Sarah orders her to decide. Kitty decides. She doesn't want it to be over. She runs for the chopper. As The Senator walks in slow motion to the helicopter, Tommy and Nora sit quietly on their log, Kevin walks away, Sarah throws rocks into the stream, Kitty runs, Tommy cries, Nora hugs him, and Kitty runs some more, yelling for The Senator. He doesn't hear her. Sarah watches the helicopter fly overhead. Kitty cries as Kevin hugs her tight.

All the Walkers are working hard on Tommy's sewer project. It's like that episode where they are all attempting to fix up the Nora McDonald house, but outside and sunny and sadly no Scotty. Must be a bummer for Scotty that he has to work all the time unlike the rest of the family. Tommy goes to talk to Kevin. He heard him in the bar. And he wants him to know that he is trying to make amends to Julia. He keeps calling and he is going to keep calling until she takes his calls. That must be loads of fun for Julia. He swears he is going to be a father to Elizabeth, he is trying to change. That's all Kevin wanted to hear. Ryan Adams' plaintive version of "Wonderwall" comes pouring over the Mexican landscape. Justin chooses right then, covered in Mexican dirt, and wearing flannel, to get down on one knee and propose to Rebecca in front of the entire family. Nora looks like she is about to pee her pants. When Rebecca says of course, everyone hugs and cries, but their peals of joy are muted by Ryan Adams singing a sad sad song.

Back in California, Holly is staring vacantly off the back porch. David comes to find her. He asks if she has heard from Rebecca, but she hasn't. She didn't come in to work and she didn't return any of her calls. David points out the obvious that Rebecca is angry. I also would like to point out that Rebecca should be extremely grateful that she is the boss's daughter because not many other employees would be able to just bail on their jobs and not get canned. I mean look at poor Ryan. One conspiracy theory and he is getting ushered out the door. Holly hands David a receipt for the watch that she found on Rebecca's desk. That watch cost $20,000. Seriously? Cartier is only $10K so what the hell was that? Handmade by God? Crafted out of baby unicorn horns by virginal French women in the harvest moon? Anyway. Holly is concerned. She's seen Rebecca like this before all wacky and spontaneous and I think boy crazy is the phrase she is searching for. Holly explains a little bit about Rebecca's sordid past. Apparently she took off when she was sixteen after starting an affair with a married social studies teacher, living in a hotel on credit cards and cutting Holly out of her life completely. David stops her right there. Rebecca has changed. She's a good kid. Whatever she dishes out they will handle together. Holly looks mildly calmed by that.

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Brothers and Sisters




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