Brothers and Sisters

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Cult of Finality

Back in Mexico, all the Walkers have their cell phones out and are checking their messages. They are waiting for their bus back to civilization and everyone seems in very good spirits. As the bus pulls up, they all pile on, except for Sarah who found the picture she brought of the entire family. She leaves it on the fountain for Tommy. On the bus they are all reminded of summer camp and start singing, wait for it.... Kumbaya. Seriously. Nora laughs and then gets very glum. They tell her that Tommy will be okay and their point is proven when the fountain starts spurting water. It is very um...dirty looking. The spurting water does not help. They all applaud Tommy's efforts. The bus pulls away and Tommy walks up to the fountain to inspect his work. He finds the picture of his family. And he smiles.

Oh, Walkers. You are the worst family ever. Until next season!

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Brothers and Sisters




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