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Cult of Finality

Sarah sits at her desk and we see that she ominously has photos of her father and Tommy on her desk. Ominous because if you have photos of two former employees who managed or attempted to bilk the company for millions, I can only imagine that it portends some future wrongdoing on Sarah's part. And I, for one, don't want to see that happen to Sarah. And, really, how many Walkers-gone-wild storylines can one show stomach? Anyway, Holly comes in to Sarah's office chockfull of news from the lawyers on how they can oust Ryan from the company for daring to yell at everyone. In public, even! (What was that Hanna Barbara character who always ended his phrases with "...even!" in a straggly high pitched wavering voice? That is going to bug me. I should just go watch Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law because I'm sure whoever he is he took a turn on that show. Don't know Harvey? Go watch. I'll wait. [Editor's Note: It was Snagglepuss! He was kind of like the gay, non-trashcan version of Top Cat. -- Mindy Monez ) Holly says that they must act quickly, before Ryan can, like, do a good job and exceed their expectations and make it difficult to manufacture grounds on which to fire him. While I am no fan of the greasy kid (ooh cowboy name?), I don't think it is fair to fire him just because he thinks his mom killed herself after William Walker's break up. Sarah is on my side, sort of. She is not sure they should fire him, and Holly can't believe her ears. She spells out all the reasons he shouldn't have shares in Ojai-ai-ai: Him thinking William Walker drove his mother to suicide, being the only one. Oh don't worry Holly, Sarah doesn't want to keep him around. Oh no, she wants to pay him off to go away. Holly is intrigued, but less so once she sees the number Sarah is touting. Sarah justifies the number (which they don't bother showing us, so I just assume it's one million dollars and is said only in the voice of Dr. Evil) by sort of sadly reminding Holly that Ryan is her father's son and thus family and thus worthy of Ojai-ai-ai largesse. Holly snorts that this is no longer a family business and they have to be fiscally responsible and not offer golden parachutes to squirrelly kids with only a week's work under their belt. Holly caves. I don't know why, but she caves. Maybe she remembered the fact that she gave Rebecca a job, title, and salary based on nothing other than blood ties.

Back in Mexico, Nora stumbles on to the grounds of a yoga retreat or some other place where white men with dreadlocks and flowing caftans speak without words. And since they are doing yoga, it is obviously a cult, and not, say, the Crunch gym during the lunchtime power hatha class. Nora yoo hoos until an angry icy older woman comes and speaks (quietly, obviously) to her. She confirms that Tommy is staying there, but he is not there right now. He is working off site and they can't call him because cell phone usage is banned there. Nora doesn't like the sound of any of that. You can tell she is really holding back a serious conniption fit by sheer force of gritted teeth and fake smile. She asks very politely to see her son and the woman tells her she is welcome to wait. Nora almost bites her, but instead sneaks outside the complex and calls Sarah. Via a very bad connection she manages to tell Sarah the bare minimum: she's in Mexico, she found Tommy, she thinks he's been taken prisoner by yoga doers. Nora then hangs up on an increasingly frantic Sarah and jumps on a departing truck. She is probably going to look for Tommy, but I am concerned that she seems to have left her purse. With the yoga doers!

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Brothers and Sisters




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