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Sarah is frantically packing and Saul is there to watch. He offers to go to Mexico since he is so good at calming Nora, which is a really good point, but Sarah turns him down. She has another task for him: she wants Saul to convince Ryan to sign the severance package contract. Saul sagely tells her that he doesn't feel comfortable getting involved, but Sarah won't take no for an answer. She is desperate to put the family back in the family business, because neither works without the other, a sentiment I am pretty sure Holly would balk at. Sarah wants to go to Mexico, bring Tommy back, and put him back to work at Ojai. Er...what? You think Holly and/or the Board will let you put Tommy McFraudster back at Ojai? Really? Huh. To make that dream happen, Sarah needs Saul to pay off Ryan. Saul smiles sappily at his dream-filled niece and agrees to do it. Sucker.

Rebecca and Justin stand nervously in the middle of Holly's living room. He wants to wait until he gets back from Mexico, but Rebecca already told her parents they had big news so they have to go through with it. Something tells me Holly's not going to like it. Rebecca tries to kiss Justin's nerves away and the resulting smooch fest is busted by Holly and David who were apparently waiting somewhere else while Justin and Rebecca loitered in the living room. They all sit down and Rebecca says that they wanted them to be the first to know that they are getting married (squeee!!!). Holly doesn't say anything. David is gobsmacked, but manages a "Congratulations are in order!" Holly still doesn't say anything and Rebecca calls her on it. So Holly asks if Rebecca is pregnant, causing a lot of blushing and eye rolling on the part of Justin and Rebecca. Holly wants to know what the rush is then. Rebecca is getting more annoyed and tells her mom that they are in love and she should shut up and be happy for her. They know it's a big step and they are ready for it. Holly still isn't on board with the plan, so Rebecca tosses out the bone that Justin is going to be a doctor. 'Cause doesn't every mother want her daughter to end up with a doctor? Holly still won't bite, claiming that Rebecca is being spontaneous, but she says it like spontaneity is akin to leprosy and an AMC Eagle and pantyhose all rolled into one. Rebecca has had enough. She stands up and glares at her mother and she can't believe that Holly is going to ruin this for her. She demands to know whether this is because Justin is a dirty no good bad blooded Walker, but Holly denies it. Rebecca tells Justin they are leaving, but before they go, Justin tells Holly and David that he promises he will be a good husband to Rebecca. As they leave, David wants to know what is going on with Holly. She plays the "I know her better than you do" card, which stings David. Words hit as hard as a fist Holly. TMYK. While we don't know that much about Rebecca's past foibles other than that they are referenced in obtuse and frequently infuriating ways, I am betting that they are not going to bother actually explaining her past antics now and thus the whole scene is still infuriating.

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Brothers and Sisters




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