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Cult of Finality

Saul knocks on the stock room door and surprises Ryan with the severance package of his dreams. Ryan doesn't understand why they sent Saul, or why Saul used the phrase "untenable" in regards to his employment situation. Saul informs him rather stuffily that he helped build this company and can still be guilt-tripped into doing their dirty work, but Ryan is more impressed with the size of the offer. But he also looks pretty hurt and unsure and it makes you remember that he is just a kid really. A kid who needs to shower and maybe get some more sun, but still just a kid. Ryan swallows hard and asks Saul if that's what William Walker would do (WWWWD?), just throw money at a problem to make it go away? Saul counsels Ryan that whatever William did it was a long time ago and Ryan should really be focusing on his future, not his past. Or more specifically his mother's past. Ryan looks uncertain and kind of nervously asks Saul whether he would sign that document. Saul, who is both remarkably clean shaven and surprisingly shorter than Ryan, looks uncomfortable.

Nora, Sarah, and Kitty sit on beds that are inexplicably placed in the, like, hallway of the retreat center. Seriously, people keep walking by and they are talking in whispers. Nora is explaining that this isn't a cult of evil yoga doers, but rather a spiritual retreat where people sometimes do yoga. Her kids are unimpressed. They are all whispering and Nora tells them about how they eat in silence and suddenly I get a flash back to when these same three culprits all got booted from the spa for their inability to shut up on command. Why do I sense an imminent repeat? Nora goes on to tell them about the selfless service and Tommy's plan to bring water to the broken-down fountain in the town square. Aren't fountains supposed to be a crazy waste of water that always get shut down in droughts? Whatever. Sarah also really doesn't care, but I think she should care, because it definitely sounds like Nora is heading to the dark organic Kool Aid drinking, chattarunga-doing side of the rainbow. Kitty wants to know if they have figured out why Tommy is there in the first place. Nora blames herself, for the slap heard round the world (or at least the studio) obviously drove him to yoga. Sarah blames herself for leaving him alone at Ojai-ai-ai with "Holly making you feel like your family isn't important." Which definitely makes the Walkers sound like more of a cult than the yoga doers could ever aspire to. Kitty doesn't bother blaming herself, but she does have a plan to get Tommy back: Their promise of unconditional support should do it. What? No intervention? I'm disappointed. Although, I suppose this entire Walker family outing could be viewed as an intervention, so, yay! Intervention time! The lady Walkers immediately digress into squabbling over who has to convince Kevin of their plan.

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Brothers and Sisters




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