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Long Walk(er) Off a Short Pier
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Justin and Tommy are arguing in Nora's parlor over who has to break the news that Tommy didn't return from their lost weekend in Mexico. Kevin rightly believes he is the family grim reaper and doesn't want to be the one to tell her. Justin contemplates playing the "I'm an addict and this could put me over the edge" card, but settles instead on the "you're a smooth talking lawyer" card. Kevin's extreme eye roll is cut short, which is good because he probably would have hurt himself, when Nora comes in toting a tray of cakelets? Square cupcakes? Not really sure what they are, but Scotty is making two hundred of them for her center's opening. Nora wants his opinion, but Justin's not hungry, so Nora insists that he is alwayshungry, and he hurriedly takes a snack cake and shoves the entire thing in his mouth and declares it delish. Nora is pleased that one thing is on track, which is strangely passive-aggressive for so early in the show. She mumbles about the cancellation of some singing diva who can't be bothered to show up when so many families are struggling with cancer and what is the opening of a nonprofit without at least one voice lifted in song? Nora even more passive-aggressively jabs at Kevin for suggesting the third place not-American Idol cast off that she had booked. And while you may scoff that surely a third place cast-off of not-American Idol would have free time for cancer-stricken children (to perform a concert?), but when even the UN is angling for songsters (Akon, anyone?) you realize that Nora's third place cast off of the not-American Idol might have her plate full. Nora brushes off the brush off because she doesn't want to spoil the moment she is sure is about to happen. Kevin and Justin scratch their heads in unison until Nora asks if they hit Ryan up for a donation and a lightbulb goes off over Kevin's head. Nora thinks they called a family meeting so they could present her with a big whopping family donation to the Nora McDonald House. As Nora runs upstairs to fetch Ryan, Kevin and Justin start digging through their pockets wondering if they might have an oversized check that they forgot about. Did you check that funny little coin pocket, boys? I always find money in there.

Sarah, Saul, and Kitty barrel into the house hollering about how this meeting better be important. I'm glad to see that Kitty has found someone to watch the baby for her. Kevin asks bleakly if anyone brought a check book, but Justin points out it won't help. Sarah catches it and wonders what's up, but they won't start until Nora is back. Nora comes down and announces that Ryan is already up and gone, which is good because why would he be at the family meeting anyway? And doesn't he have school he should be getting back to? Kevin and Justin shout over the Walker melee and try to start the meeting, but Nora stops them because Tommy is not there yet. Kevin slowly spells out that the reason they are meeting is because Tommy isn't coming. He's too busy being on the lam. No one quite gets it at first. Nora worries that Tommy is in a ditch somewhere while Kitty wonders if they tried his cell phone. Even after Kevin explains about the note, Nora still can't grasp that her idiotic narcissistic Brillo pad haired son is really jumping bail. Kevin yells at Justin for letting him do the dirty work and Justin finally jumps into the fray. Nora and Kitty can't believe they took him to Mexico and Kevin points out that the judge didn't seem to mind. Nora still doesn't buy it because Tommy has a wife and a child, but Kevin explains he left Julia a letter that they gave her this morning. Kevin begs everyone not to tell anyone about their fugitive brother (a tall order for this bunch, to be sure). As everyone sort of sits back and lets Tommy's actions sink in, Nora gets more and more agitated and finally snaps that she, for one, isn't going to just sit there and pretend there is nothing they can do. As Nora storms out to something, Kitty wanly asks if anyone is pretending.

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Brothers and Sisters




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