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I Want You Back

Previously, Sarah, Tommy, and Saul still needed a mystery password to find all the money Dear Dead Dad embezzled, and it began to look like the secret lay with Holly's daughter Rebecca. Also, Justin's military involvement was not only a bone of contention between Nora and Kitty, but also a traumatic experience for Justin himself.

Less of a traumatic experience for Justin is the scene we open on, where he and Tyler and no clothes at all are playing a spirited game of Guess The Word I'm Licking Onto Your Back. Tyler isn't that great at the guessing part ("carpenter"? Yeah, probably not), but Justin appears to be quite talented at the licking part. It occurs to me that this is the second episode I've recapped where the opening scene is a Walker and his lady getting steamy in the bedroom. I mention this because, as I may or may not have mentioned before, this is my mom's favorite TV show, and every once in a while we'd sit down to watch an episode. Never gets less uncomfortable, people. Anyway, the point seems to be that Justin's life as of this moment, where he gets to lick dirty words onto his hot girlfriend's back, is pretty sweet. And unable to be fucked up in the next forty-two minutes plus commercials, I'm certain.

At the Whedon house, Cooper's banging away at his drum set (mischievous and sadistic aunt or uncle who gave him that as a Christmas present? I'm guessing Justin) while Paige rolls her eyes and tells him to cut it out, lest they be late for school. Cooper: "I'm wailin' on my skins!" I've just discovered Cooper looks like the perfect composite of two of my most adorable little cousins, so he's golden with me. Sarah asks Cooper if his dad taught him that phrase (no, his dad taught him "So...any of you girls eighteen?"), but Paige said she did...and she regrets it. Heh. Enter Gabe, who's acting pissy that he has to stay there even though his dad's out of town. Sarah's like, "Because your mother's out of town too and you're too young to stay by yourself, and we've covered this, haven't we?" Cooper, for no real reason other than him being a doll, runs up and hugs Gabe on the arm as Sarah adds that "your brother and sister and I" love having him around. "Half-brother and half-sister," Gabe is quick to remind her. Seriously, Gabe, how's that heart of stone treating you? Are you impervious to the kid brother who adores you? Sarah's offer of frittatas is rebuffed, and she asks the little ones if they love it when their big brother is around. They nod vigorously, but Gabe once again clarifies, "Half-brother." It's more pointed this time and it's not lost on Sarah. Neither is the sad look on Gabe's face when Cooper announces that he and Paige are eating off of plates they made together, presumably at a time when Gabe wasn't with the family. ["Off getting a haircut, no doubt. ...Oh, wait." -- Sars]

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Brothers and Sisters




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