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Getting Lei'd in California
tty sharp. Kevin and Sarah hem and haw and then finally come up with a feasible excuse: they are just surprised because it's a family-only affair, did Nora even ask Justin about the new addition? Nora squints at them and then slowly agrees to ask Justin. The situation is so awkward that Kevin almost looks relieved when Tommy comes downstairs to yell at him for butting in on his personal life AGAIN. Nora and Sarah are horrified at Tommy's version of events where Kevin told Julia that Tommy kidnapped Elizabeth, but they are equally horrified when Kevin explains that yes, actually, Tommy DID kidnap Elizabeth. But then they are back on Tommy's side for whatever reason (probably because Kevin can be an insufferable prig on occasion, although Tommy is one all the time so...nevermind). Tommy is hollering at Kevin about being a better lawyer than a brother and Kevin's evil lawyer persona twirls its mustache and jots down its billable hours. Sarah drags Tommy away to calm down while Nora yells at Kevin.

Kitty is sighing in agitation over the fact that she is retaining water and her shoes don't fit. The Senator tries to cheer her up, but Kitty isn't in the mood. She has to go buy new shoes and she is all edgy because the doctor hasn't called with the results of her MRI yet. And then the doctor's office does call and she lets it ring about ten times and it never goes to voicemail because senatorial phones are MAGIC. They debate whether to answer the phone or just live on in cancer-ignorant bliss. Well Kitty debates it and The Senator is like PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE, WOMAN. So she does and the report is bad. Like, bad bad. The tumors haven't responded to the chemo at all and are actually growing. The Senator is listening intently trying to read Kitty's facial expression and to parse her few terse words, but is getting nothing. Because Kitty is a big fat water-retaining liar. She hangs up the phone and tells The Senator that the computers are down and she can't get the results until Monday. The Senator does not accept technological foibles lightly. Doesn't the computer know he is a U.S. Senator? Doesn't the computer want its interest represented in the hallowed halls of the U.S. Senate? The Senator's about to start issuing subpoenas, but Kitty talks him down. She wanted to have a cancer-free wedding experience anyway. Besides, she has to go buy shoes. And nothing gets between Kitty and her shoe shopping. Not even unstoppable tumors. She is a girl, after all.

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Brothers and Sisters




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