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finally clean enough to be allowed in Nora's kitchen. He invites her to a movie, but she is too busy planning Justin's birthday and Sarah's wedding to go live her life. Brody is about to talk her into living a little when the phone rings. It's Ida. Nora sighs and remembers she was supposed to go visit her. She answers and then goes very quiet and polite with a clipped stream of: "Oh really?" and "I see" and "all right" and finally "I'll call you back". She turns to Brody: "She died. My mother died." Let the waterworks commence.

Sarah and Luc's house has been overtaken by the wedding fairy and is a torrent of crystal and cake samples and synthetic swans. Sarah is not pleased to see the house in such disarray when there is a funeral to plan. She scowls at the synthetic swan and Luc shakes his head sadly. Kevin is doing his part to tidy up by eating all the cake. Sarah shakes it off and breaks the bad news that the show is still suffering from budgetary restraints and they can't actually afford to have all the Walker children on the show, so Kitty and Tommy will not be making Grandma Ida's funeral. Kitty's "excuse" is that she is in Boston with Seth, which sounds incredibly lame. So lame that Sarah and Kevin both say, "LAME." And, Tommy is dead to them all as he is preparing a Charlie Sheen-style traveling circus. Not really, but seriously Balthazar Getty can't be that far from such a low. Sarah asks Kevin to stop grazing for a second to mourn appropriately, but he can't stop, won't stop, because Ida never liked him and he never liked her. Everyone yells at him about that, but he just shrugs because it is true. Sarah says Nora wants everyone to speak at the funeral and someone has to clean out Ida's room at the nursing home and now she has to go back to work. She says something snide about the swan and Luc barks that he gets it, she doesn't like the swan. What, swans were good enough for Louis XIV, but not good enough for the Princess of Pasadena?

Scotty is still prepping when his mother shows up. They hug and then she starts right in with the undermining: "This place is nicer than I thought." "Kevin must have a lot of time on his hands, so he can be a stay at home mom." "It's so nice your restaurant hasn't closed yet." Scotty grins and almost bears it, even when she pulls out a piñata for Olivia because "all the Mexican kids like them". He just takes a deep breath and smiles harder. Oh, please explode, Scotty! Please? I love it when you flip your lid. And it hasn't happened yet this season.

Nora is pacing up and down the halls of Walker Manor yelling at the funeral home. Brody just watches quietly trying not to be judgmental, but also thinking she looks like a housewife on meth. Nora can't stop, though, not until every last detail is planned. Also, she hasn't been able to reach Saul. Luckily Saul is a mind reader and jauntily pops in the door at Walker Manor just then. He is still in a good mood and practically starts a dance routine in the living room before Nora can stop him and blurt, "Mother died!" Saul then stops in his tracks and bursts into tears. He really is a good actor. I wish I were wearing waterproof mascara. Or, you know, makeup at all. Maybe I'll reward myself for finishing this recap by brushing my teeth? You freelancers out there know what I am talking about. The rest of you: DON'T YOU JUDGE ME. Later, Nora is in her study working on Ida's eulogy when Brody knocks on the door. He made chocolate chip cookies and stew and has some folksy aphorisms she could include in her speech. For example, Ida wasn't very nice or pleasant. Nora sighs that she Googled eulogy but it doesn't tell you what to write when your mother didn't really like you. Brody suggests she go with that, but Nora doesn't really think it would be appropriate. Then they get in a tiff about how Brody is trying to boss Nora around and make her dream big when he has no right because he left her life a long time ago. But he settles her down by reminding her that he is still trying to follow his dreams. That's why he's there. Nora is totally putty in his hands after that comment. That Brody is a smooth character.

Scotty's mom (yes, I AM too lazy to IMDB her name) is showing Olivia all the pretty girly girly dresses she bought her and I have this flash of horror that this show will be on the air long enough for us to see Scotty and Kevin throw Olivia a Quinceañera (at the café, naturally). Shudder to think, right? Olivia looks less than thrilled and Kevin and Scotty try to point out that the dresses are not her style. Scotty's mom shushes them all because they have no idea how to dress a little girl. All little girls like lace and pink. Done! End of story! Then she invites Olivia to go ride a pony and Olivia tells her she doesn't like ponies, which is pure crazy talk, obviously. Scotty comes to Olivia's rescue and reminds her about the fictional math test she has to study for. Olivia flees the lunch table, leaving Scotty free to beg his mom to not overwhelm Olivia with all her pink and ponies and racist stereotypes. But his mom shuts him down by reminding him that she had to invite herself to meet her only grandchild. How did that make her feel, hmmm? Scotty protests that they were going to invite her when the adoption was settled, but she counters (rightly) by asking when Nora met Olivia? Then Scotty shuts up, because he lost and he knows it. But it's his mom who has lost her appetite and she leaves the table in a huff. Maybe a minute in a huff. Sorry.

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