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is making it worse. Kevin reminds her that he has a newly dead grandmother who never got to fix the terrible relationship she had with her family. And now she's dead. Did he mention that part? Does Bertha want that? As she is not dead yet, she still has a chance to fix things. She looks thoughtful. But keeps it zipped.

While Kevin is upstairs trying to talk some decent human behavior into Bertha, the rest of his family is downstairs getting their wake on. Yes, they closed the café again. What of it? Sarah spies Luc at the bar looking sad. She pours him some wine and they agree that they don't want to fight with each other. Luc tells Sarah that he doesn't care what she wears, black dress, white dress, one of Kitty's pantsuits. (Ha! Well played, writers.) He just wants her to look happy and be happy. Paige has a picture of Sarah glowing at her first wedding and he was trying to compete. Sarah reminds him that her wedding wasn't perfect, but more important, her marriage wasn't perfect. Luc is far far superior to Joe. Also, he bathes more. Winner winner sushi dinner! They come up with a few compromises, kiss and make up.

Saul is bustling around the café like he owns the place. Oh, wait. Kevin is donning plastic gloves to put bread in a basket for his own family. I am glad they are following health safety protocol so closely. Although, where are the hairnets and beard snoods? Anyway, Kevin and Scotty tell Saul that he should just open the damn letter already. So he does, but he hands it to Scotty to read because he forgot his glasses. Scotty only gets two lines in before Saul changes his mind. He grabs the letter and's nice. Everyone is shocked. Ida says he deserves all the happiness in the world and someone to share it with, even if he can't tell her about it. It's signed with love and Saul loses it. Not because Ida was so nice, but because he never found happiness. He was always alone. Scotty reminds him that he's not alone any more. He has Jonathan and it's not too late for them.

Let's see, who hasn't made up yet? Oh right, Kevin and Justin. Kevin steps outside to find Justin who is either grieving or moping and probably both. Kevin asks Justin if really thinks of him like a lucky guy who just happened to find the love of his life who saved him from constant hookups and legal briefs. Justin swears no, and Kevin is about to launch into a speech about how he worked really hard to change himself to deserve someone like Scotty. He's about to thank Justin's screw ups for teaching him valuable life lessons, but Justin stops him and tells him that they always do that and it's insulting. Yes he screwed up and he learned from it but doesn't need to be reminded of it all the damn time. So Kevin changes tactics and starts reading from the list of things to do before he's 30. He uses such things as "have a threesome" and "ride a killer wave" as evidence that Justin is a dreamer and will not spend his life alone. He just needs a new list. So Justin throws the list in the trash and I guess we are supposed to see it as a symbol of bravery and independence, but I think this storyline is just plain dumb and I don't care enough to go digging around for meaning.

Inside, Scotty and Bertha make up, because they were the only ones left. Then it is just the Walkers. Everyone is laughing and teasing each other. Luc and Sarah assure them that the wedding is still on, just no swans will be invited because Sarah is racist against swans. Then they jokingly ask Kevin to plan the wedding and he really wants to and then Nora offers to do the flowers and Saul says that he and Jonathan will host the bachelor party at their house in Palm Springs. Jonathan looks excited at all the impending furniture shopping and wallpaper swatches. Then Brody makes a toast to Ida who never really liked him very much. But people change and he is there and they toast to Ida. Then Saul introduces Jonathan to Ida and more old people kiss. Then Justin chimes in with something from the list. At the top of the list was "Tell Mom What I Really Think Of Her." So he does. First, he's pissed that she took away his DiscMan back in the day and now he is so proud of her. They all toast to Nora, but she stands and insists they toast to Ida again. And they do.

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