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Previously on Brothers and Sisters: Nora and Treat Williams got their signals crossed, which can happen when you're as hip-deep in the appletinis as Nora was; Kitty and Warren continued their annoying little seduction dance; Sarah clued her mother in to the fact that Dead Daddy short-sold their stock; the forensic accountant told Saul that the Ojai paper trail stops at an unknown password, and the helpful editors cut directly to Holly telling Saul about her daughter "Becky" (is she the daughter who doesn't do it with married men?); and Tommy and Julia can't have a baby, because intense viewer apathy apparently makes you sterile.

We open in the middle of a Red, White, and Blue taping, with Warren making a point about global warming. Kitty, like any good Republican, makes a jab at Al Gore and then changes the subject entirely. Before continuing down this diversionary road, Jack interrupts to say they're out of time, and he signs off by saying, "Goodnight...and stay safe." Once they're off the air, Kitty and Warren give Jack shit for that lame attempt at a catchphrase. "Our average viewer is a 50-year-old white guy who makes $100,000 a year. What does he need to stay safe from, UVB rays?" Heh. Calista delivered that with one hell of a snap, I'll tell you. Amber flits by with Kitty's research for her interview with the French ambassador. She ditzes for a bit about how French fries aren't really French, but when Kitty all but pats her on her little blonde head and tells her to run along, Amber says she also included EU data in case Kitty wants to ask about blah blah blah something really smart. Of course, Kitty then calls her a "study in contradictions," so if the goal was to get Kitty to quit condescending to her, mission most definitely not accomplished.

Warren saunters over and Amber tells him she got them on the list for tonight at "the Irony Club." It's body glitter night, and Amber promises it'll be a "total scene." Off of Kitty's barely-suppressed giggles, Warren looks terribly embarrassed. Hey, buddy, if you're too good for body glitter night, what the hell are you doing with Amber? Amber continues that the awesomeness of body glitter night will surpass even the "JT" concert. Aaaaand here's where any sympathy for Warren goes out the window. The girl's taking him to Timberlake concerts and she knows about the French economy? Ingrate. Amber bounces away, and Kitty's right there with the body glitter jokes. Warren pleads helplessness to Amber's boundless energy. Of course, those words are barely out of his mouth before he asks Kitty to go away with him this weekend. He wants to get away from work and from everything else (like the girl he's dating, for example) and see if what they have is sustainable. Kitty huffily tells him he has the worst timing of anyone she's ever met, but her storming off is marred by her inability to suppress a grin.

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