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The Senator is looking pensive as he puts some mini tapes into an envelope. Wait. The Senator is a senator on a high-risk covert operation and ...they gave him a TAPE recorder? They really couldn't spring for the digital? I know this show gets wacky with their timelines, so is it actually 1989? Good grief, people: RADIO SHACK. Check it out sometime. He sticks the *cough * tapes in an envelope, seals it, and reaches for his medication. He pops a pill as Kitty and a walking, squirrelly Evan come out. What year is it? I haz confused. Kitty puts her kid down and tries to answer the phone simultaneously. It's Nora, obviously, who has no qualms about calling at 7 a.m. because she doesn't sleep. (It's a Boniva side effect, shhhh.) Nora is worried about Sarah who is not handling unemployment with the grace and dignity of, say, Britney Spears. She wants Kitty to go visit, but Kitty is, you know, CAMPAIGING FOR OFFICE and is a bit busy to go scrape her big sister off the couch. Kitty suddenly realizes that The Senator does not look like a man about to leave on a bus trip. He apologizes, but something came up with the "appropriations bill" (oh, is that what the kids are calling it these days?) and he can't join her on a bus ride across the state, as much as he wanted to be on a glorified Greyhound for days on end. Kitty was looking forward to spending time with her husband, but instead it looks like she will get some QT with mom. Nora is more than happy to join Kitty on the Republican campaign trail despite being a rabid and vocal Democrat. The Senator kisses Kitty, but before he goes she reminds him about dinner in Ojai tomorrow night. Saul and Scotty are preparing a tasting menu from their soon-to-open restaurant. Ack! What is the timeline here? Can someone send me a flowchart please? And, wait, how is Kitty going to make 16 stops on the campaign trail and still make it to Ojai by tomorrow? Is she traveling by wormhole? I think her competition would have a field day with that.

Nora has recruited Justin to pep Sarah up. So he barges into her house, mocks her for eating pizza for breakfast and jumps on her. Quintessential little brother behavior. But, really: who jumps on a 40-something woman? Think that was an awkward scene for the two of them? Justin taunts her lack of sloth skillz and reminds her that he is the King of Unemployment, which I think is like a Welfare Queen and Kitty and The Senator would probably have a lot to say about that. Don't let the other candidates find out! Luc comes downstairs and is surprised to find Justin teasing his unemployed sister. Sarah is grumpy and whiny and sleepy and dirty and lazy and a few other dwarves I can't think of right now. Luc won't just leave her alone to rot, though. He lerves her. So he swipes the pizza box and insists on making her an omelet. It makes sense that French love involves six eggs and a stick of butter. When Luc leaves, Sarah sighs to Justin that she lost everything. Justin chirpily reminds her that she has Narrow Lake and Sarah holds herself back from slugging him. Now she, Holly, and her mother are joint owners of the Narrow Lake property and have absolutely nothing to show for it. Wait...what? How did that happen? Oh whatever. I'm not even going to question this shit anymore. Do whatever you want show! No need to explain! Luc comes in and announces that Nora is on her way over. Sarah gasps, collapses on the couch, and clutches her remote control in terror.

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Brothers and Sisters




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