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Justin has slipped outside to grill The Senator about the mystery key. He just can't be a good soldier anymore, he needs answers! The Senator won't and can't tell him anything else. So Justin demands to know why he is taking anti-arrhythmia medication. The Senator briefly explains that he has had some arrhythmia again, but Kitty doesn't know. In fact, how does JUSTIN KNOW? Der, Justin snooped. He's a big snooper. He can't help it, it's genetic. Justin demands to know what is going on AGAIN and The Senator demands his key back. Obviously Justin's Walker-ness has beaten his soldier into submission. Justin won't do it. Kevin interrupts them because dinner is ready. As Saul heads into the house, Kevin apologizes, but Saul doesn't really want to talk about it. And then it's dinner time! Scotty introduces their concept as organic meets comfort food meets tapas, which sounds...odd. He claims they are both optimistic and opening in a month. Because Scotty is magic and so is the timeline on this show. As everyone grabs menus and pencils to take notes, The Senator stands in the background feeling himself up. Er....rubbing his chest ominously. He starts sweating heavily and then Kevin and Kitty notice. The Senator tells them to call 911. If this is how he goes down, I'm punching some nuts.

No pecan or walnut punching necessary! The Senator wakes up in the hospital and watches Kitty sleeping in the armchair. Seriously they can't get the future U.S. Senator from the State of California a damn cot? Kitty wakes up on the wrong side of the armchair and immediately starts in on The Senator for failing to tell her about his arrhythmia. He claims that he didn't want her having to choose between him and the campaign. He wanted her to focus and win. Kitty isn't buying it. Grown ups talk to each other. They discuss things. Hey, Kitty? Can you transcribe this conversation and send it to Rebecca? Thanks. Kitty loves The Senator. She loves how he is stoic and doesn't take anything from anyone, but she also loves the part of him that needs her, that needs help. The Senator looks duly chastened, but also completely in love. Kitty reminds him that she didn't just fall in love with the hero, but with the guy who was worried that he wouldn't be able to keep up with his kid after his heart attack. The Senator just sits and beams at her. This whole scene is really touching and kind and caring. It also makes a hospital look like the most romantic place in the world. The Senator takes a deep breath and tells Kitty everything about the sting operation, No Bid Stanton, and that the scurrilous rumors undoubtedly come from Stanton as veiled threats. Kitty listens quietly.

Everyone is still up at Ojai. It is early in the morning and Saul is just coming back from a walk when he finds Nora sitting on the porch waiting for him. She talked to Kevin and Scotty and is so sorry that she didn't know what Saul was going through. She asks him to tell her about his friend. Saul hesitates for a minute and then tells his sister the whole slightly sordid story of being gay in the 70s and 80s. Meeting men in bars or clubs for brief encounters praying you would never run into them again so no one would ever know about your secret life. Nora looks so sad, but understanding. But she does ask Saul if he ever worried about what it might cost him, not physically, but emotionally. He sighs, no. Nora reminds him that it's not too late, it's never too late! She tells him to call and get his test results right now and she'll hold his hand. He wants to do it alone, but Nora won't let him. They're family, they don't have to do things alone. Saul gives up in the face of Nora the Wall and dials the number. Good news! He's fine. They smile at each other and I do so love these two as brother and sister. Sarah busts up their moment, because Holly called: Big News at Narrow Lake. Not to quibble, but if Nora is paying the bill, why are they calling Holly? Oh well, she has to do something now that Ojai is gone. Apparently a vacation is out of the question.

As Nora and Sarah and Saul pull up at Narrow Lake, they immediately spot Holly screaming in delight at a giant gush of water sprays up in the air. Sarah asks if they are putting in a Six Flags? Holly explains that there is an enormous aquifer under the property. Do you have any idea how much California needs water? They are officially in the water business and they are going to be rich! Rich beyond their wildest dreams! Holly is jumping up and down in glee and soon everyone else catches her excitement. When Holly adds that it is the deepest, biggest aquifer ever, Saul walks straight into the water to jump up and down there even though he's not part owner and probably shouldn't be touching the water without paying. Nora and Sarah and Holly all jump in the water too and it turns into a wet t-shirt contest. Woo hoo? But wait! I have questions: How did Dennis York know there was an aquifer under there? The original geological survey said there was no water and there is no way William knew unless he had some secret mad skillz with a divining rod because the technology wasn't that good back then. Oh whatever. Yay! Everyone's rich! Sarah's off the couch and getting some exercise! Yay Holly will be on the show forever! And I guess Sarah owes her mom a big apology. Or she can probably just pay her off.

Kitty and The Senator are back at the Ojai house and The Senator is apologizing to Justin for involving him in his cloak and dagger operation. He told Kitty everything and should have from the beginning. He also apologizes to Justin for lying about his health. He should have trusted Justin with sensitive medical information since he has completed one year of medical school. That's practically a doctor! Kitty thanks Justin for trying to help out her husband. Then Kitty and The Senator bid farewell and head off for home. Scotty rushes out to give Sarah some leftover chipotle meatloaf to keep her warm at night. And can someone explain why Luc is never invited to these dinners up at Ojai? Does he have some aversion to travel? Does Sarah lock him in the basement to keep the ladies away from her mancandy? Although every time Luc comes to dinner everyone seems to fight over his attention, so maybe he stays away to be safe from bodily harm and overexposure to Walkers. Kevin teases Sarah and then gets in the car waiting for Scotty to finish handing out leftovers. So I guess they got to their menu tasting, which is good because I was SO worried that the lamb burgers were going to make it on the menu. Although I am highly skeptical of whatever the fuck tapas-style mac and cheese is. Sarah thanks Nora for making her a millionairesse and for dragging her off the couch and onto Kitty's kampaign bus. Nora smiles but manages not to once rub Sarah's face in it. Maybe next season Nora will have her "I Told You So" revenge. Holly has followed the Walkers to Ojai and gets into her car and waits for Nora and Saul. Why isn't she going with Rebecca? Whatever. Justin and Rebecca are the last ones out the house and they are running around making sure the oven is turned off. Justin finally grabs Rebecca and asks her if she was serious about him going to Haiti for a year without her. Justin wants to be more like Kitty and The Senator and, like, talk and shit. Rebecca wants that too, but only after they spend a year apart. Besides, what is a year compared to a lifetime together? At the mention of spending a lifetime together, Justin gets all schmoopie and completely forgets that Rebecca is a narcissist with transparency issues. They hug and kiss and plan to spend their first year of marriage apart.

It's dark out now and Kitty and The Senator are driving and talking. Kitty thinks The Senator should release the tapes. Even if they release them after the election, Stanton is still going to come after her. She'd rather duke it out now. The Senator is surprised, but you can tell he is tickled by Kitty's gumption, too. Kitty smiles and says Stanton's big mistake was going after the wig. That really pissed her off. The Senator laughs. They are releasing the tapes.

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