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Day is Done
Kevin is teasing Saul over the phone about being a drama queen, when Saul hangs up so Holly can take a call from Rebecca. Holly and Nora have been talking and now that they are rolling around in dollar bills they want to throw Justin and Rebecca their Hawaiian wedding! Wouldn't that be a hoot? Rebecca and Justin agree: Hells no, but Rebecca tells Holly she will think about it. Well she would tell Holly, but the call dropped. Justin and Rebecca agree that they want to leave well enough alone. They are ostensibly already happily married. As Rebecca fiddles with the radio, they come across a huge pile up on the highway. They are slow to realize what they are seeing, but the second they do, they bolt from the car. They come across Scotty and Kevin first. Kevin's car is upside down and he is crawling out, bleeding and covered in glass. Scotty is hunched over in shock. Rebecca runs and sees Sarah who explains that a truck hit The Senator's car. Sarah is dazed but mostly coherent, Nora wanders up and says she can't get Holly out of the car. That Holly's hurt. Rebecca runs off. I am already crying, so I apologize if you can't read through the tear stains covering the page. Rebecca runs towards the car and finds Holly unconscious and bleeding. Nora makes Sarah sit down. Kevin runs up looking for Saul. Nora points towards the car and Kevin finds Saul ten feet away covered in blood, dazed and confused. Kevin rushes up to help and Saul shouts: NO! Don't touch me! You can't. Kevin looks blank as he processes what that means for Saul. But, Nora. Nora looks like she is going to die right there. Holy fuck. How can they do that to Saul? Saul who has never been happy a day in his life! Uncle Saul has HIV? Gah. This show is determined to make me sob louder than when I watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Justin runs up to Kitty's car and Kitty grabs him and begs him to help. The Senator has like an entire log stuck into the side of his head, he is staring glassy eyed, covered in blood, and isn't moving, but he is talking. Just then Rebecca screams for Justin to help because Holly is really bad. The Senator, ever the hero, tells Justin he will wait for the ambulance. Kitty looks like she is going to kill him herself as Justin, for once, does as he's told and runs to Holly's side. He covers her with a blanket, which seems like something Rebecca could have done. Alone in the car with her dying husband, Kitty gently holds his face in her hands and tells him to hold on, just hold on. The Senator tells her that she was right. He was scared that he wouldn't be able to keep up with Evan. But then he saw her holding the baby and she was so strong and so loving and he knew that she would. Then he is gone. Kitty begs him to talk to her. She begs him stay. Tears roll down her face as she pleads with him to stay and for someone to help her. The camera pulls back from Kitty and The Senator. The music plays as we see the whole accident. Then we hear Nora's voice over the music yelling for Kitty. Farewell, Senator. Farewell.

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Brothers and Sisters




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