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The Magnificent Seven

Previously on Brothers and Sisters: On the assumption that late-in-the-game recasting is seldom a good sign, TWoP passed on adding Brothers and Sisters to our '06-'07 fall lineup, although the departure of Marti "Ob" Noxon from the show-running team almost changed our minds.

After a helicopter shot of New York City, we fade up to the accompaniment of bamp-chicka-wow-wow music, and pan across a leg in the middle of getting shaved. A bit odd, as opening shots of series go; even odder when you see that the leg belongs to Kitty (I could pretend I don't know who everyone is, but I ain't got that kind of time). Calista Flockhart has looked perfectly healthy to me all season, don't get me wrong, but she's not exactly Sophia Loren. Kitty protests into her cell phone that she's "not the person you people think" she is: "I am not a bitch!" Nor is she "aggressively plotting" to make their mother feel bad, she says. On the other end of the phone, Sarah's in the kitchen with the kids, asking why Kitty is staying in a hotel, then. Kitty expositions that "the show" is putting her up, and it's going to be a sweet pad. Sarah -- who looked great with her hair at this length, so I've got to vote for a between-seasons trim -- exasps at Kitty to call Mom and tell her that. You call her and tell her, Kitty brats, and Sarah backstories that she talks to their mother every day; Kitty and Nora have barely spoken in two years. ...I know, remember that? Paige and Cooper start scuffling, so Sarah tags in Joe and moves into the next room. Kitty's in her closet now, assessing outfits, and asks how Joe's doing and if "things" have gotten any better. Sarah says she and Joe tried "that thing" she told Kitty about, and when I first saw this ep, I had a horrible horrible flashback to that L.A. Law episode with the Venus butterfly or whatever and clapped my hands over my face all "oh please please no" because Rachel Griffiths's line reading totally makes it sound like "that thing" is vinyl and covered with for-her-pleasure knobs and whatnot, but Sarah's actually talking about couples counseling. Kitty groans sympathetically at this revelation, but Sarah doesn't let her get off topic, ordering her to call Nora. Kitty third-grades that Nora knows she's coming and could have called her, then quickly says before Sarah can "whatever" her that she doesn't have time to discuss it, Jonathan's coming over and she's barely going to have time to finish her Cornish hens. Sarah, equal parts amused and afraid: "You're cooking Cornish hens?"

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