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Previously on Brothers & Sisters, the cat got out of the bag with regard to Rebecca's status as a non-Walker, Holly bailed out Ojai Foods in a manner that looked an awful lot like taking over, Saul came out as an old, gay man, and Kevin offered to make an honest man of Scotty.

It's morning at the Walker Manse, and the whole family, save for Kevin and Rebecca, is gathered, but they're all too busy running around attending to their own business -- Kitty with the fertility clinic, Sarah and Tommy on Ojai business -- to pay any attention to Nora and her tray of freshly-squeezed orange juice. On the phone, Justin asks if Nora told Kevin, and she says of course she didn't. If she did, they wouldn't need to have a meeting, now would they? Sarah and Tommy continue to argue about Holly until Nora calls everyone to attention. They decide to proceed without Kevin. Nora tries to put it as delicately as possible, gingerly leading up to the big reveal, but since Justin is still being a total brat about everything, he blurts it out: "Rebecca's not our sister, Dad wasn't her dad. DNA: gotta love it." To my great enjoyment, nobody else shares in Justin's pissy revulsion. In fact, for the Walkers, they're all handling this pretty well. Tommy's confused, Sarah seeks clarification, and Kitty...well holy shit, Kitty expresses actual concern for Rebecca. That's new.

Of course, the good vibes can't last long. Sarah leaps at the chance to be angry at Holly, and by the time Kevin shows up, it looks like the family's going to descend into one of its trademark squabbles. Of course, leave it to Kevin to defy our expectations by being utterly, hopelessly clueless. Immediately upon seeing everyone gathered he leaps to the conclusion that Scotty called and beat him to the punch on their engagement announcement. Of course, Kevin only alludes to the wedding from side angles, so his siblings need to piece the puzzle together themselves. Kevin barrels ahead: They'd like to have the wedding at the house, Tommy can bring the wine, Justin can stay sober (let's hear it for lowered expectations!), Sarah can give the toast, and Kitty, what with her history of speechwriting, can officiate the ceremony. Everyone's like "Ceremony?" Once the news sinks in, though, they're happy for him. Nora's especially pleased there will be a distraction from their current crises, even if it does mean she has to prepare for a wedding this Saturday. Kevin finally catches wind of the somber mood in the room, and before he can get too offended, Nora asks him to sit down so she can tell him about the family's latest "little development."

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