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Groundhog Day
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Professional Radio Host Nora Walker is wandering the halls of her new Professional Radio Station when she stops to admire some Professional Advice being doled out on the air by a Professional Radio Person. She has a clipboard and her glasses in hand so you know she is both A Professional, but also Mature and Responsible. Those are capital letters, people, take this shit seriously.

The producer/occasional on-air talent guy finds Nora in the hallway gawking at the Professional Radio Person. She is probably wondering if wearing a burgundy sweater vest would give her that air of authority and, dare I say it, professionalism, that he has mastered. The producer who is also head of PR and HR and community outreach and god knows what else those slavedrivers in public radio make the poor schlub do for $30 K a year and a totebag (SEND ME A TOTEBAG, GODDAMIT) needs to talk to Nora about her photo shoot today. He'll be doing her makeup -- Maybelline okay? No? Stila, then? Okay. Also as her daughters are both coming in to lend her publicity shots some mom cred, he needs to know their drink orders. Nora nods obligingly while staring wistfully at the Professional Radio Person and his Professional Attire and Professional Advice. Don't worry, Nora, at the rate things are going for you, in two more weeks you'll have your book deal and a television spot next to Wolf Blitzer.

Kitty, Sarah, Kevin, and Evan (who has removed his Cloak of Invisibility long enough to materialize on his mother's bony lap) are staring at laptops and doing some online shopping. They are on, but they won't say it's Gilt because Gilt probably did not pay them to say it. YET. Kitty is cursing about a sold out bag while Evan sits mutely hoping if he stays really quiet his mom won't shove him back in the oversized LL Bean tote bag she stores him in. It's monogrammed!

Sarah tells Kevin that she spoke to Scotty and Kevin, rightly, goes off the rails reminding her that he is the VICTIM and she is not allowed to talk to Cheaty McCheaterpants. Sarah throws up her hands in the universal sign of innocence and then does what every good parent does and blames her daughter. Paige called Scotty for help on her debate team competition, because as a chef Scotty frequently uses his elocution skills to win points with the dishwasher? I have no idea why Paige would want Scotty's assistance when she has both a former senatorial candidate and talk show ideologue as an aunt, a lawyer as an uncle, and a Professional Radio Person as a grandmother. But, no. She wants to talk to her uncle the philanderer. Yes, show, that makes sense. Kevin protests, but Sarah shrugs. Kevin's pants are in a tizzy, but Kitty tells him to unclench his cheeks because they are all officially on paper at least on His Side.

Nora runs into Professional Radio Personality, Dr. Carl West, at the conveniently placed water cooler. They coo over each other and sign up for their Facebook fan pages and start Digg-ing each others' links and shit right there in the hallway. They are BIG FANS. Blushing and gushing ensues.

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Brothers and Sisters




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