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Groundhog Day

Kitty and Sarah relax on the couch, reading gossip magazines. Add some Haagen Dazs up in there and Heaven, right? But Heaven isn't enough for Sarah. No, she wants a job. And so Kitty does, too. Little sisters are so annoying. Sarah reminds us that she is sitting on tens of millions of dollars and trying to find the right company to buy into or buy out. It's huge! She can't handle the pressure. Kitty suggests they work together. Sarah is intrigued by the offer. Walker Family Business back in action! Wait wait wait. So the money is in a trust for Sarah to spend however she wants on whatever business she wants with no input from Nora or Holly or any of the other family members? Didn't she run Ojai into the ground? Albeit with a little help from her brother and non-showering half siblings, but still.

Despite being dumped by his wife, Rebecca, for a magical photography job in NYC where she gets to shoot nearly nude David Beckham and ride unicorns all day, Justin is still taking her mother, Holly, to her hospital visits. Doesn't he have a job or medical school or something to get back to? Holly tries to shoo him away, but Justin is resilient and insists on waiting to drive Holly home. Then we realize why: Hello, hottie hospital nurse. Dave Annable's real life wife, Odette Yustman, is playing the way too hot for nursing school cast addition and the newlyweds are taking their honeymoon on set. At least according to trusted news source Life & Style.

The nurse asks what Justin's connection to Holly is, and he tersely explains it as family friends. Then she notes the missing wedding ring and he mumbles divorce and then flirts haplessly until she invites him out for a movie or coffee. They are on like Donkey Kong (tm, Nintendo) for 4 o'clock. They don't mess around.

Despite claiming to want nothing to do with Scotty, Kevin stops by the restaurant to help Paige prep for her debate tournament. To get in the mood, they debate whether Scotty is really Paige's uncle and why Scotty keeps calling all of Kevin's family members and why Kevin might still be mad at Scotty. Paige walks in and ruins the spat. Also, Paige has BANGS. Who knew they were genetic? Paige explains that Nora brought her because she hadn't seen Scotty and Kevin in so long. Kevin rolls his eyes REALLY hard at Nora, but she ignores it. Kevin excuses Scotty from the tutorial, but Paige whines (with an assist from Nora) until Kevin caves and Scotty gets to stay and help prepare for debate practice. Do none of these people have better things to do? I mean, I'm all for family unity and School First! and what not, but sometimes grown ups have jobs. Nora goes to find Scotty in the kitchen and Scotty immediately starts blabbering to Nora about his FEELINGS and how they don't matter because he CHEATED. Nora does a really good job pretending that it is not at all awkward to talk about infidelity with your son-in-law and encourages Scotty to talk to Kevin about his FEELINGS.

Kitty and Sarah have moved to Sarah's house to launch Walker Family Business 3.0 (I'm counting the winery as 2.0). Sarah is keen on a media company that is like a mini-Fox Corp with fingers in newspaper, television, and radio. Kitty and her Communications Major really like the sound of that one. That's when Sarah realizes that Kitty is intent on actually working in Walker Family Business 3.0. Sarah has confused. Kitty has no interest in business! She only likes creepy conservative causes like guns and small business loans. Kitty swears she loves business and has had lots of great ideas in the past which would have come to fruition if her stingy parents would have given her a loan to make magnetic poetry in her dorm room. Sarah stops her, what? Apparently Kitty had the idea first, but Nora wouldn't give her the loan because she was in college, on paper (and quite arguably in reality) magnetic poetry sounds stupid, and business was "Sarah's thing". For some reason this sets Sarah off in a spiral of parental disappointment, self doubt, and low self esteem. Sarah is pretty sure that it meant that Nora thought Kitty would be better at business than Sarah. Kitty and I both make a WTF? face because WTF? but it's too late, Sarah is heading straight to Sadsville. She leaves Kitty alone at her house to think about what's she's done.

Holly is eagerly recounting to David all the magical things she has remembered today. Justin eggs her on and David looks really ... unimpressed. He gets up to go to leave for work and this greatly offends Holly and Justin. Holly wanders off to bed leaving Justin to demand an explanation from David. David shrugs unapologetically; it's not the first memory he's heard. Justin has no sympathy for this man who has been left with a fiancée with no memory capability to the extent that she doesn't even remember their daughter, thus driving said daughter away leaving him with the full responsibility of Holly's care. Justin doesn't care. He thinks David is high. David yells, "Screw you!", which is completely appropriate, except, that, of course, this show being this show, David is probably totally high. Justin stares after him.

Obviously Sarah has gone to confront Nora about something she said 20 or 30 years ago, because now that she has heard about it, it stings. Clearly this was a severe lapse in parental judgment. 20 or 30 years ago. Nora claims she has no memory of the incident, but only has a vague recollection of Kitty's momentary obsession with magnets. Sarah doesn't buy it. She knows that Nora thought Kitty would be better at business than Sarah and so steered her towards politics. That makes so much sense. Nora's phone rings and over Sarah's protests she answers it. It's Kitty frantically apologizing for letting the 20 or 30-year old cat out of the bag. Nora pretends she is talking to her dentist and Kitty apologizes profusely for the fact that her sister is an oversensitive MORON who cares WAY too much about what her mommy thought of her THIRTY years ago. Nora apologizes too, hangs up, and tries to ignore Sarah into silence. It doesn't work. Nora then starts dissing Kitty as a flibbertygibbet (just like Maria von Trapp!) who needed to stay focused on her goals. Sarah doesn't buy it. Her mother thought Kitty was the superior businesswoman and it is going to take hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars of therapy to convince her otherwise. I don't know about you, but I hate it when this show insists characters take very uncharacteristic detours just to create fake dramatic tension for an episode. Oh wait, that's the whole show.

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