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Kitty is at the park again while Evan naps in his ostentatious stroller. That's not a brand name, but it should be. Cute Dad (it's been so long I can't remember his name!) shows up and after a brief reminder to his invisible son to go down the slide, not up, Cute Dad hands Kitty a cup of frozen yogurt (it's Southern California, people, they don't eat ice cream) and settles down on the bench next to her. She smiles flirtatiously and thanks him, wondering aloud how he knew it was her favorite. He explains that he finally read her book. You know, the one about her husband's presidential campaign. Yes, that one. She giggles and tells him he shouldn't buy her things that melt. Like diamonds or elephants. What if she wasn't at the park? He laughs at that, because it is completely obvious to everyone in the greater Los Angeles area that of course Kitty would be at the park, on that bench, smiling flirtatiously. Also, why doesn't his kid get any ice cream? What a dick. As he stares dizzily into her eyes, Cute Dad remembers that she is married and asks after The Senator. Kitty breaks eye contact, blinks a few times, and remarks that The Senator is better.

Julia finds Nora in the backyard gardening. Obviously she has an apron, gloves, and a flannel shirt. As Nora starts with the rambling about flowers, Julia cuts her off: she spoke to Tommy. I love this new tough-as-nails Julia who is very to-the-point and has no qualms about shutting down Nora's zeal. Nora jumps up and down in glee that Tommy now knows that Holly got the DA to drop the charges and that it is now safe for him to come home. Julia continues that Tommy is going to get a ticket by the end of the week. Why not now Tommy? Need to finish off that special V05 treatment in Puebla? If I was Julia I'd be sort of peeved that he was waiting so long to get home. Nora promises to keep her overbearing mom-ness in check and Julia curtly agrees that would be a good idea. She reminds Nora that she and Tommy have a lot of issues to work through before she can be as excited about his homecoming. A slightly abashed Nora asks if she is going to give him a chance and she nods that she is. Don't take him back Julia! Don't do it!

Sarah and Kevin are out shopping and Sarah is bemoaning the fact that Kevin wouldn't let her buy a grey velour jumpsuit that she swears is "recession appropriate." First off, please don't let "recession appropriate" attire become part of the fashion vernacular. Second, grey jumpsuits bring to mind nothing but Kim Jong Il. Who is probably thrilled to hear that his favorite outfit is back in the shops. Now he can unleash the twelve-year old orphans he has hand making them. By the way Kevin, if you are going to mock anything, could you please make Sarah remove her pink patchwork madras jacket? Yeesh. Kevin stops in front of a shop window and oohs and ahs over a hot pink, nay, fuchsia dress. Sarah is flattered that Kevin thinks she could wear it, but she reminds him she is going to work, not a bar. Sarah then makes some disturbing comments and hand gestures about how she hasn't gotten any in a while. I have a bad feeling about this episode. First hint was that the official title of this episode is "S3x" (pronounced S-three-X, in case you were wondering). Luckily any further self-touching is put off when Nora calls Sarah to tell her that Tommy is coming home. As with any typically ill-fated Walker phone call, Kevin immediately starts peppering Sarah with questions so she can't hear Nora and then Justin walks into the kitchen at Walker Manor and starts interrupting Nora. Nora manages to blurt out that Tommy is coming home Tuesday and they all have to play nice. She promises not to go overboard, but no one believes her. Not even for a minute.

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Brothers and Sisters




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