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s barred volley: Did you just come to raid the piggybank and run back to Seattle? This is such delightful dinner party conversation. Don't you wish you could go to a Walker dinner party? Maybe they can create a Walker dinner party ride at Disneyworld where everyone can just hurl insults at each other in front of strangers. Tommy breaks the big news: He and Rose are engaged. He just wanted to introduce the family to his beloved fiancé. Everyone feels a little abashed about their behavior what with her being family now. People make very pro forma niceties, but no one really believes it.

Sarah and Nora try to blame Tommy, saying he's been removed from the family for a long time and that it just takes time to reconnect. Way to blame the victim, ladies. Tommy shrieks that it's supposed to be easy to reconnect with family! Tommy stands up to holler better. He reminds them that last year was hard for everyone, but especially him because he was alone. (Actually, I think it was especially hard for Kitty, what with her dead husband and all. And maybe for Justin, who preferred the war in Afghanistan to another year in his lousy marriage.) Tommy explains that Rose made him happy when nothing else did. He grabs her hand and leaves the table. Did Tommy always not open his mouth when he talked? Or did he just lose all his teeth from whatever wasting disease he contracted from getting smacked with a mackerel? Smackerel?

Sarah tracks Tommy down so she can half talk to him and half continue making her argument. Sarah claims she has been lonely, because Luc was gone for a few months and Kitty was schtupping a barista in a storage closet. Oh, and she has no friends. But she has had a change of heart and can't wait to fight with Tommy at the radio station every day. Maybe he could not steal all the money this time? Then Sarah asks Tommy to walk her down the aisle at her wedding. Sarah then pretends that she is really glad that Rose is making him happy. Sarah promises to try harder with Rose. Tommy doesn't give a shit if she makes Rose comfortable. He doesn't want her to try with Rose, he just wants her to love HIM unconditionally. Sarah smiles, glad that she doesn't have to pretend to like Rose.

Justin sits outside in the dark in the garden waiting for Annie to find him. That's how things are done at the International House of Awkward. Justin is sulking and mopey and has decided that Annie is to blame. He has decided that she is not over Dr. Africa. She protests, but Justin knows best. They are dunzo! No, she has no say in the matter.

Scotty and Kevin want to talk to Olivia about responsibility. They think the best way to teach her responsibility is to give her a live animal that she can kill. So they got her a product placed gecko of her own. She is thrilled to feed it live crickets, or, you know, not and see if it dies. Whatever it takes to learn responsibility! Kevin hands her a nametag to put on the lizard's cage and she blanches and then runs for her room. As she goes, leaving little dust trails of rainbows, hearts, and unicorns, Scotty and Kevin realize they have fallen (sunk?) into an Afterschool Special. TMYK *Rainbow *.

Rose is wearing another ugly ensemble which makes you wonder whether the wardrobe department hates her because she got to make out with Jon Hamm and they didn't. It's a black mini-skirt and a red shirt with black swooshes and a chain belt slung low on the hips. None of it is doing her any favors at all. After the aborted dinner, she is starving and is pillaging the pantry for food scraps. Nora warns her off the olives, because they've been in there since the first Bush administration. Nora apologizes to Rose for the Walkers' behavior at the dinner table. But, that's the Walkers for ya. If Rose doesn't like it, she is welcome to hop back to Seattle. Rose smiles, unmoved by the speech. Nora claims that the subtext to all that hollering and screaming was them trying to lure Tommy back to the fair shores of California. She just wants Tommy to come home! And what better way to do that than by alienating his fiancé? Rose, being a seemingly reasonable human being, albeit a Civil War reenactor, pretends she was just thrilled to sit at the infamous Walker dinner table she had heard so much about. Then Nora softens and offers her some leftover lamb. But then she hardens right up when Rose apologizes for asking about the photo. Nora tenses and doesn't want to talk about it, but Rose perseveres. Nora claims Brody was just an old high school chum. Are we sure Brody was a popular name in the 50s? I am thinking more Josh Schwartz era.

Nora gets momentarily gooey when talking about Brody, but before any elaboration, Tommy and Sarah come in and claim they are starving too. Wait, so they started fighting before the entrée was served? Choices, people! Sarah tells Nora that she and Tommy made up and Tommy gleefully crows that there might be a job at the radio station for him. Then Sarah reminds him to ask Rose and she's all on the spot and has to say yes. Oh joy! They are moving back to Pasadena. I wonder if Rose is going to bring her wig with her.

The next day Nora has put on her finest blazer to meet her new granddaughter. She settles next to Saul who has helpfully looked Brody up in the phone book. His name is Nick Brody, by the way, which makes a lot more sense. Nora doesn't want to meet Brody and she is NOT obsessed with him. Kevin comes in and tells them that Olivia is almost ready to meet them. He adds that they talked to the social worker who confirmed that a lot of kids fall through the cracks and they are going to have her tested for illiteracy. Nora tears up because Kevin sounds just like a mom... er, parent. Then Scotty brings Olivia out to greet her new family. I guess Scotty is the primper in the family. Saul and Nora tentatively but genuinely sweetly greet Olivia. If only they had been this kind to Rose. Olivia thanks Nora for the phone and Nora nods because if you are going to be in this family you have to have a phone and preferably learn three-way calling. Then Olivia introduces Saul and Nora to Zemulon the product placed gecko. Scotty and Kevin beam like two happy dads as they watch Olivia, Nora, and Saul become a family.

At the hospital, Annie apologizes to Justin for leading him on. Barf. Like, how is this Annie's fault exactly? Justin just decided that she was still into Dr. Africa and dumped her because of her half-formed (if at all!) feelings. Annie tries to point out that she really really likes Justin and she hopes that they can be friends. Justin coldly says eventually. You know, when she's earned it. He walks off leaving her alone. She calls after him that he may have been safe at home after all.

Tommy finds Rose, laptop in hand, busily working on the Walker family tree. She is finding all sorts of amazing factoids that no one wants to know. Sarah calls Tommy to cancel their meeting and tour of the radio station, because she is too busy having sex to come to work today. Tommy totally acts like that is a normal excuse and not all disgusting to talk about with your sister. Oh shit. I just realized that Balthazar Getty IS a good actor if he can pull that off without so much as a raised eyebrow. Tommy hangs up and Rose asks if it would be weird if they got married the same month as his parents. Tommy says, yes, duh. Rose sighs that she always wanted to be a June bride because being a stereotype is a delight. Tommy points out that she still can be since his parents got hitched in January. Rose points at the wedding certificate, which she is looking at on line. It clearly says June. Tommy has a confused. Then Rose slyly asks about Nora's boyfriend Brody. Tommy has no idea who that is. But Rose knows there's only one reason people lie about their wedding dates. Nora was totally knocked up! Gross. Also: Retconning Ahoy! And if we're lucky, a de-Walkering, too.

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