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Previously on Brothers &, hell if I remember. It's been so long! Let's see, Sarah was the businesswoman, Kitty was the Republican, Kevin kissed boys, Justin was on drugs, Rebecca was the illegitimate one, Tommy was the one nobody liked, and Nora was getting her Etheline Tennenbaum on with Danny Glover. Seriously, though, I have missed this show.

So we pick up Sarah and Graham in the same general state as we left them last time -- half-naked and horny -- though in a different time and place. In between the heavy breathing they're talking about election results, so this must be them sneaking off for a bit of fun on Super Tuesday or whatever. Graham's bed is littered with Golden Plum business documents, which Sarah finds momentarily distracting but which clearly get Graham's engine running all the hotter. Sarah doesn't seem nearly as bothered as you might expect a woman to be when she finds out her new boyfriend is really turned on by plums.

Elsewhere, Kevin, Tommy, and Julia watch the results as the brothers bicker about the differences in Republican versus Democrat delegate-counting. Kevin thinks the GOP's winner-take-all process is macho and (ironically) Darwinian, while Tommy says the Dems' proportional delegate strategy is pansy-ass and coddling. It's interesting that we've never heard Julia weigh in with her politics -- not necessarily unrealistic that an in-law might refrain from wading into things with such a politically intense family, but I'd be curious to know where she stands and why. (And yes, I realize I'm the only person who cares what Julia thinks about anything.) She bemoans the TV report saying that Illinois was just called for Robert's chief opponent, a Congressman Taylor who it seems (from the photo they have on the TV screen at least) is going to be played by Ken Howard. That seems about right. Scotty calls Kevin for an update and Julia shouts hello to him in one of those "nice touch" moments I really appreciate on the show where we're reminded that all of these characters have their own relationship to everybody else. Anyway, the election results remain unclear.

At the Harper Home For Hussies, Rebecca and Justin return with ice cream to find Holly and David hastily scrambling back to an upright position on the couch. Rebecca's reaction is halfway between "Gross, Mom" and "Oh by the way, if David's my real dad can you just tell me so I can start making out with my brother here?" They too are watching the election results -- Robert has just lost New York, which means he ought to pack it in right now, because if a liberal Republican like himself can't carry New York? Best of luck, sir.

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