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The episode starts with a bang as we instantly cut to Kitty live with Regis and Kelly. Now if we can just skip over to my Damages recap for a second, I can just cut and paste this scene in. Let's see, just substitute "Kitty" for "Patty Hewes" and book for charity and yep, we're good. See this is the second show in a week that has had a character take a turn in the hot seat with Regis and Kelly. And I don't understand it! I mean, I'm sure Reg has the free time, but how the heck could Kelly Ripa possibly have time for not one but two cross-promos? It's insane! No wonder she's so tiny! She can't possibly have time to eat. Kitty explains that she is surrounded by politics and people she loves so she simply used them to illustrate her points. Kelly laughs as she asks whether or not they are still talking to her. Kitty replies, "Yeah, but I wish they weren't." Badum-bum. I made that up. She actually claims that everyone is very supportive, which means we are in for a long episode of her family being unsupportive in varying degrees of unsupportiveness. Now I feel like I'm writing copy for a crap underwear campaign.

Sarah is hard at work in her "home office" when the boys break it to her that they need two or three more weeks to make the site operational. Sarah shakes her head no, because it is unacceptable. They are supposed to be at a conference in nine days. So nine days is their deadline. The boys scratch their heads and then confess that they really need two weeks and, say, $120,000. Sarah is not amused. Nora picks that moment to call and Sarah inexplicably decides to pick up the phone. Good lord, woman, you dodge millions of her calls, why pick up now? Just yell I'm busy, mother. Nora is in a panic because Roger the Architect has not delivered his plans yet. It's been two weeks and she needs advice on how to deal with an employee who is not living up to his end of the bargain. Okay hold on. Kitty's segment on Regis and Kelly is at the maximum twelve minutes long. Nora's been waiting two weeks for plans and really couldn't wait, say, six more minutes to call Sarah and ask for advice? So much for the bursting-with-pride mother persona Nora's been fronting all these years. Sarah tells her to call and yell or do whatever the hell she feels like so long as she leaves her alone to sulk over the fact that her business is toast unless she finds a 120,000 clams pronto. Nora looks concerned, but Sarah tells her she'll figure something out. Yeah like sleep with that investment guy for his million bucks!

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Brothers and Sisters




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