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Screw You, Tommy
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Chaos reigns at Sarah's house as she is rushing to get her kids to school and running smack into a newly single brother at every turn. As Paige whines about Justin eating all the turkey, Justin complains that Sarah is interrupting his phone call, and Sarah winges that he is blocking her access to her children's laundry. And, really Justin, think of the children. The children! Justin is attempting to get his transcripts in the midst of all the chaos and Tommy is using mild profanities in front of Sarah's children (are you allowed to say "screw that!" at nine o'clock?), but the real final straw lands on Sarah's back when it turns out that Tommy is using her phone, wasting her minutes, and making her wait. Screw that!

Nora tells Kitty that since Tommy and Julia have made it clear they don't want her help, she is actually going to listen to them for once and stay uninvolved. Personally I am shocked. Kitty calls her on it, too. Is it possible that after all these years Nora has grown boundaries (shudder). Boniva has some wild side effects. Nora grimly points out that when your son is charged with embezzling it is easy to question your parenting strategy. Which is true, but c'mon Nora he obviously got that from his father's side of the family. Nora pish poshes the entire discussion, because she is far too busy to be bothered with her son's criminal activities. Her center is opening! (Really?! Did I miss something? Like the installation of a ceiling? Or functioning plumbing? Holy hell, Roger is like the Flash Gordon of Architects. Did Extreme Makeover: Home Edition step in and do the place in a week? How did this happen?) And, Sarah's coming for lunch! Oh lunch, well she has been busy. Kitty sort of sighs when Nora mentions the lunch date and Nora quickly apologizes for not inviting her. It's just that she thought she would be too busy what with the baby and waiting for her husband's next coronary. Kitty sighingly agrees and Nora asks after them all and is surprised to hear that that The Senator is on the treadmill. Kitty hangs up quickly leaving Nora staring in puzzlement at the phone. Kitty sighs (again) wistfully as The Senator heads for a shower after his workout with his trainer or physical therapist or whatever. As he disappears, the physical therapist (I've decided that's what he is) tells Kitty that The Senator should consider taking anti-depressants to help him on the road to recovery. Kitty snorts derisively at the thought of The Senator and his public health records agreeing to such a thing, but the physical therapist encourages her to ask him. She nods. Their baby is really cute. Good baby casting!

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Brothers and Sisters




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