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Sarah pulls into a parking garage somewhere as she fails to use a hands-free device in blowing off her mother, saying she knows she promised to meet up with her and Ryan, but "it's the only time the realtor can show me through the office." As if in this economy a company with a large new infusion of cash would have trouble getting hold of commercial realtors. I'm surprised Sarah didn't have to step over a couple of them on her way out of the car. The Saucy Music Of Kids Keeping Nora In The Dark Yet Again continues as we cut to Kevin similarly keeping Nora at bay, but honestly, this whole little conflict is completely inane, because why would Nora try to schedule a lunch in the middle of the week for the meet-and-greet when three of her kids are high-powered professionals? I mean, later in the episode she talks about being ready to hear the truth, and yet she seems to be willfully ignorant of this simple fact: People work. (And how's her foundation doing, by the way? Is spending all this time with Ryan going to bring money in?) Anyway, Tommy then tells Nora he's unavailable, as Holly put together a last-minute meeting, and it's nice to see that even now, he's blaming Holly for the situation he's in. He tells her he definitely can't push it, and as he disconnects, we get the "dramatic" reveal that he's standing for his arraignment. Julia, Kevin, Sarah and Holly are all in attendance...

...but Justin isn't, as we cut to him pouring coffee as he says, "Screw Tommy." I don't think much of Justin these days, but considering I have those words embroidered on a throw pillow, I've got to acknowledge his wisdom here. Specifically, Justin can't believe that Tommy would have embezzled money from the company after William put them all through hell by doing the same thing, and he's also pissed that he used Rebecca in his little scheme. This attitude, however, doesn't stop Justin from ignoring a call from Nora, and when Rebecca suggests that she wants to talk about Tommy, Justin admits that she doesn't know about the situation yet, because they're all supposed to wait for Tommy to tell her -- she just wants him to hang out with Ryan. Rebecca again plays the role of moderator, pointing out that he hasn't seen Ryan since the night he showed up, but Justin tells her that was enough. "The last thing I need is another sibling." In that case, you really shouldn't mind if Tommy goes to jail. Rebecca refers to their own sibling-to-S.O. situation, to which Justin responds, "If you think I'm going to be dating Ryan in a year, that's just really weird and gross." Well, if you were to find out he wasn't your brother and you take the gay part out of it, you've got your relationship with Rebecca, so you're either a homophobe or even you think dating your ex-sister is, as you put it, weird and gross. Anyway, Rebecca then gets her back up when Justin tries to say that the whole mess is Holly's fault as well as Tommy's, and although they eventually drop the discussion, the back-and-forth in which they engage before they do so bodes ill for their attempts at neutrality. But for now, Rebecca contents herself with admonishing Justin to give Ryan a break...

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Brothers and Sisters




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