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Rebecca decides to stand up for her mother, but after Tommy reams her a bit, Kevin cautions him not to say anything incriminating in front of Rebecca, and Justin stays silent, Nora hysterically says she doesn't care about Holly -- what was Tommy thinking with this move, with a wife and child who need him? Tommy says his family is exactly why he's doing this, which is pretty ludicrous, since his wife kicked him out over it, and starts in on Holly again, so Rebecca jumps back in and backs up my point that Holly and Tommy built Walker Landing together, and rather than address that, Tommy dismissively says he knows what side she's on, and by the way, it feels hopelessly artificial that Justin is standing there and letting her take this when he's been up in Tommy's grill throughout the whole dinner, but when the writers want an end, they don't seem to put too much thought into the means these days. Kevin again at least tries to get Tommy to shut up, although he's still just worried about the legal ramifications of this fiasco of a conversation, but Tommy yells some more about doing what William would have done. Nora shouts in return that what William did was unforgivable, and she despises him for it, but Tommy condescendingly replies that she obviously loved living off of it, which earns him a hard slap across the face from Nora and a cheer from my apartment so loud that it woke the neighbor's cat. Of course, everything now is fuel for Tommy to up the asshole quotient, so he snits that he wonders if the family is even worth saving, and it's just too bad no one has the wherewithal to reply, "Who's asking?" Tommy thankfully leaves, and Nora takes a moment before turning and apologizing to Ryan, saying she thought meeting her kids would be helpful to him, but she was wrong. She walks out with a hand over her face, and I'm sorry she feels bad about hitting Tommy but that doesn't mean I'm not going to watch it again.

Rebecca's having a boo-hoo out back when Ryan finds her and asks if she's okay. She smiles through her tears and says she regrets coming to the dinner, but Ryan tells her that standing up to Tommy took a lot of courage. Rebecca wishes that Justin had some of that, and says she thought they could get through this, but now she doesn't know. She then apologizes for being a bringdown and for him having to witness that spectacle, but he smiles and thanks her, saying it took the spotlight off the fact that his leg was shoved all the way down into his colon. He notes that his brother's a real jerk, and Rebecca sighs, "Which one?" He clarifies that it's Tommy, and we'll forgive him wasting the words because he's new around here, before putting a comforting hand on Rebecca's shoulder. Of course, Justin has now appeared behind them, and he attempts to break up the situation by trying to decapitate Ryan with his lower lip, but when that doesn't work, he retreats back into the house. Wow, she wasn't kidding about that "no guts" thing. He couldn't step forward and ask if he could talk to his girlfriend for a moment? A little pat on the shoulder is enough to send him running off into the night? Maybe he's realizing that Ryan's puppy-dog eyes can give him a real run for his money. Puppy-dog-eyes-brother-steel-cage-match!

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Brothers and Sisters




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